Can a female university graduate marry an ITE graduate?

I saw this in my friends’ thread on FB, as shown in the title of this post.
So, here’s my take on this.


I hope he’s more proud of me rather than negating on what I’ve got to say.

He’s an ITE graduate, although, he would always say that he holds a diploma from a private IT institution.
Ooops.. I can’t remember the name of the institution.
Sorry ❤

I’m an honors university graduate in Banking and Finance.
To make it clear, my pay is higher than him, but, comparing me with another guy who’s doing the same scope, I am pulling in lesser pay than a guy.
Just as any guy because I have to carry heavy things around, climb the ceiling and walls and go under the tables to maintain/fix the systems/network/etc.
I don’t think I should be discriminated, but, I’m not pro-feminist enough to fight further than what I think I want.
Although it may sound like I’ve wasted my chance to get an even higher pay in finance, it was my choice and I love what I do and that’s what matters the most.

We’re getting married next year and we’ve already been confirmed BTO flat early this year.


I don’t see why salary, status, or whatever nonsense should be in between what you need in life or who you love.

Sure, I’ve heard so much about girls in Singapore being so materialistic.
Then again, I’m that small percentage of girls who isn’t really like a girl inside.
I hated shopping and do other girly stuff until I was in my mid 20s.
Been a tomboy for years, close to my brothers, been close with guy friends who share boy-talk secrets around me because of my “guy-ish” mindset..
Plays soccer and gaming with the guys.

While young girls dreamed of prince charming to sweep off her feet, I was dreaming of me being a princess who could kick butts and save my prince!
Reminds me of Xena the warrior princess.
lol~ XD

While the young ladies dreamed of marrying millionaires, I was dreaming of being a millionaire myself, someday, and being awesome without having to depend on anyone.


I do know what a tough life is.
I didn’t get some necessities as I grew up.
Just enough for a meal in school a day.
Not enough for anything extra on weekdays and nothing for weekends.
Maybe that taught me to be a miser and a calculative one, at it.
But, even as one, I would always give my family the necessities first before myself.
Something that my mom would always do, thus, we followed suit.

It’s the same between her and my dad.
Her pay is double of my dad’s until she retired.
She’s 60+ now, but, taking care of my bed-ridden grandma in our house.
Before she became strict and strong older in her life, in terms of religion and character, she was a runner-up in a beauty pageant when she was young.
So, of course, by the time she had me, she told me that she’d kill me inside out if I was ever to do these kinda stuff.
Not as if it’s the kind of stuff I can ever do or want to do anyway.
She’d probably not kill me, but, she’d skin me alive.
Ok ok… she’d just make my life miserable if I were to break her rules.

She showed me pictures of her ex-bfs and told me about her youth and how so many rich and good looking guys were after her.
Doctors, lawyers, businessmen.
I was like.. what the.. she never told me so many things until that one fine day.
Can’t recall what made us talk on that day.
(We cannot look in the eye for 99% of the time, else, we’d go into a quarrel that’d end up in a cold war for months)
(me.. her.. we can’t clique)
She was a nurse her whole life.
Probably a sexy gorgeous one.
Humm… yeah.. most probably.

Yet, she chose and married the one who was the quietest, sweetest, always-trying-to-be-funny-but-not-so-funny technician who didn’t earn much… my dad.

They still go out on dates, just the two of them.
To me, that is the most blessed thing that no money can buy.


Just yesterday, my colleagues and I went to a restaurant to celebrate someone’s birthday.
Held at one of my colleagues’ hubby’s restaurant, well, he’s the manager, but, let out a private room which was only allowed to be rented out at 800 bucks.
Just when I thought that my other two colleagues had rich husbands, that, they could easily be a “tai-tai” and not need to work if they wish to.
Does that make me jealous?
Truthfully, I do envy them.
And all of them have great marriages and are truly in love.
So, you can’t even stereotype all rich men either.
But, truthfully too, my partner is awesome.

While other girls are proud of their partner of being rich and with status…
I’m proud to be with this guy who loves me the way that I am, able to take my gaming addiction, able to stand my attitude, always wanting me by his side, us loving a lot of the same things..
Always proud of him whenever he wins in gaming competitions and in soccer.


I’m no expert and still young and learning about life.
But, I do have a teeny tiny advice.

No one knows what the future will bring.
Sometimes, you think that it’s a dead end in love and life.
But, it’s the beginning of starting anew.

If you’re hurting a lot whilst being with someone or having to change or not be able to drop your mask and be yourself 100%,
That person is not for you, even if you think that you’re deeply in love with the person.
If the person leaves, all the better, because, you’re now free to move on without being shackled down and running back.

If I were to go back in time, I’d rather not have a bf until I was probably in my mid 20s.
I wouldn’t have gotten that finance degree because half of the choice was made by my ex-bf.
But, if that were to come true, I’d probably not meet my partner.

Each person you meet will teach you a few lessons.
Find the good in the bad and you’ll see that there’s more to the eye than just one lesson.




❤ Icesabel


5 thoughts on “Can a female university graduate marry an ITE graduate?

  1. I am in full agreement, it should not matter how much he vs. she makes in order for them to be together. The stereotype that a man should make more, is so harmful and I think many relationships fail for this particular reason. Because women are afraid to marry such a man because of societal pressure, to marry someone who is more rich and successful. Wonderful article! 🙂

  2. ragnarok online 2 brings me here :), nice article (both here and the gaming part)
    hope you have a smooth journey with your current partner 🙂
    too bad we have lost you in RO2, your articles are rly good. (we’ve just started here in indonesia)

  3. Hi, first and foremost, a big congrats for your upcoming wedding and marriage! I was googling around and I stumbled upon your blog on this interesting topic.

    Like you, I am a graduate marrying an ITE graduate person. This is a rather unconventional coupling given that most of the time, graduates tend to marry graduates. It’s hard to find our style of coupling and I am glad I stumbled upon you – that I am not that alone!

    There are ups and downs to the relationship, plus the discrepancy in pay and all – who is bringing the bacon and all. I pray that these will not be the major factor in our upcoming marriage. 🙂

    Anyway, congrats once again!

    • Hi hi! 🙂

      Thanks for the well wishes!!
      Hmm.. if you would take my advice, I have one more.
      Even if no one else is the same as you or make the same choices as you do, you shouldn’t let anyone else shake that choice away, as long as you know the consequences and you have full faith and your heart is fully in it.
      At a certain angle, people who care will worry that you’d be working your butt off while your partner starts to slack off because he might take for granted that both of you can do away with the current arrangement.
      But, if your partner is family oriented, he will work hard and still contribute as much… just like my dad and my older bro… they don’t earn much, but, they work really hard.. dedicated to their family and faithful.
      It’s going to be tough to balance the finances and whatnot, but, it will mean that you will both learn the meaning of what’s important and what’s not.

      Good luck to you as well!
      By the way you’re saying it, you’re going to get married as well?


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