Watched the Internship last evening.
Very funny, enjoyable and a handful of lessons to pick up from it.



Apart from the volunteers that come and go @ where I work, we get interns here too.
I think the interns here learn more than I did when I did my internship.
Wish I could go back and volunteered to choose a company of my choice and try my luck.
Most of us were “forced” into the companies of our institution’s choice.

I remember being told that our 6-months internship period was coming up for our final year for the final semester.

Then, I was informed of where to head to just before the internship started.
I thought that was some kind of “introductory stage” of some sort.
But apparently, upon reaching my destination, I found 2 of my schoolmates at the office as well.
All of us are girls.
Only 10% are girls in the School of IT.
Start calculating the odds.
Hmmm… O.o
Found out that it was an interview for the internship.

It was the fasting month and I was pretty exhausted in the hot afternoon.
In addition to not being ready for any interview.
It was in the middle of “nowhere”, far from the train or bus stop, at some private housing estate.
Located within a condominium district.
I was lost on the way there.

The first thing that I noticed when I entered the small office was posters of Warcraft 3 and Diablo 2!
I was second in line, so, I walked around and sat there feeling restless.
Wasn’t close to the 3rd girl and I was an extremely quiet person back then, so, I didn’t talk to her.
She was a quiet one too, so, we didn’t speak at all. lol~

When it was my turn, they offered me a drink, but, I declined nicely, without mentioning I was fasting.
Another small room.
But, the room was nicely decorated, had more gaming posters and figurines.
Found out that they wanted a programmer intern.
In my mind, I was saying I’d better say whatever I can so that I won’t be chosen!
Yes, you can guess, I hate programming.

3 guys in their 20s/30s.
We ended up chatting about gaming!!!!!
It was nice, they were pretty awesome, except that I didn’t want to intern as a programmer.



The second place, which eventually was the place I interned at, was within an industrial site!
They rented the office at that particular location because the rent was very cheap.
Another “in the middle of nowhere” location.

This time, they wanted a graphic and web designer.
Which I was more than happy to oblige.
I was designing stuff since the 90s.
Kept borrowing my older bro’s macbook because it was way more awesome to design stuff on that.
But, I was never a full-time web designer.
Just odd jobs, because, to me, designing was more of a hobby than a job.
I enjoy doing it only when I have the mood, but, I hate it when I’m forced to squeeze my creativity juices when I don’t feel like it.

I haven’t been designing anything for a long time now, though.

Anyway, there was this other schoolmate guy whom I’ve never met before, who interned with me.
It was pretty good in a way.
I continued working with them during Saturdays for the next 3 years after the internship!
A company that holds supplementary classes, events and outings for primary and secondary schools for Malay students.

Oh yeah… my partner was a Chinese, but, he was fine with interning there.

It was all pertaining to the Malay culture.
So, the Music classes were of traditional malay music, learning to play the kompang, angklung, dikir barat…
There was Malay dance, wayang kulit and even Silat (Malay martial art).
Oh yes… I remember drama classes and literature/speech and writing classes.
They held one day events and camps.

After I left, but, still in contact with my bosses, I learned that they added…
Tours, more handicraft making like doing the ketupat, layang-layang, bunga maggar, inai-designing, batik-making, flower arrangements and so much more.
They’re starting to do multi-racial camps and events now too.

I enjoyed working with them, except that, my job scope was changed to doing administrative work even during my internship although, I did design their supplementary books.
It felt that it was a bit wasted to not have done anything IT related though.


That’s what I remember about my internship.


❤ Icesabel



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