Giveaway: Outlast


Outlast tells the story of a reporter who gets a tip from an anonymous informant that something fishy is going on at a mountain asylum.
The reporter goes there to investigate, but when he arrives he realizes that all hell has broken loose already.

“He figures it’s probably a good idea to just leave, but it’s already too late and he’s trapped inside,” Philippe Morin (Game & Level Design of Red Barrel) said.
“So he’s got to find a way out and at the same time investigate and see what’s behind those experiments, who’s behind those experiments, what’s been going on with the patients.”

The backstory is drawn from the real MKUltra experiments conducted by the CIA in the 50s, 60s and 70s in the U.S. and Canada.
Those experiments, which are still shrouded in secrecy and that some think, to this day, dealt with drug use, torture and some form of mind control.

“He’s trying to get out, that’s always the main goal,” Morin said.
“We leave it up to the players to decide how much investigation they want to do. They can pick up papers and it will be added to the journal as backstory.”

Looks like the old Buffalo Psych Center.

— General Info —

Release Date: September 4, 2013
Developer: Red Barrels
Genre: Survival-Horror
Platform: PC

Warning: (as stated by Red Barrel)
Outlast contains intense violence, gore, graphic sexual content, and strong language. Please enjoy.

It’s a first person game, but, without the ability to combat!
A stealth horror where you’d have to do a lot of creeping around.

Alright peeps…
I’ve given away beta keys, but, not a paid full game before, so, this is the first!!!

Wish to own a free Outlast game?

If you’re a fan of the horror genre and wish to enjoy this insane trip through the Asylum, leave a comment below and depict the scariest game you’ve played.
For example.. how and why it scared you.. bla bla bla.. XD

I’ll be choosing one winner on Sept 6th (in two weeks time).
Oh yes… please fill in your email address so that I can message you AND do make sure that you’ve already owned a steam account to transfer it to you later!

All the best!


UPDATE 6th Sept 2013!!!!

Oh my gosh… I didn’t know that it would be this tough to select only one winner.
I wish I could give away to everyone, but, alas… >_<
Although, I did give away a game to each participant midway!!!

Anyway, I had to read and re-read the comments. O.o
I had it cut down to 3, but, still couldn’t make up my mind.
But, finally… I choose CRISTOPHERHSOUTH!

I’ll be getting in touch with you in a while.


Thank you all for joining in!! ❤
There’ll always be a new game coming up.
So, I’ll be having these kind of giveaways again.

How, often?
I’m not sure yet… we’ll see how it goes.. ya? ^_^


❤ Icesabel


21 thoughts on “Giveaway: Outlast

  1. Let me see… the only game that I found somewhat scary was the first Condemned. It isn’t really a type of game that I have played much. But Condemned had this right mix of supernatural versus normal with great dark set pieces. The mood was just so right and there were parts that made me jump. I believe near some escalators I think… or that might have been the second game. The second game looked prettier but was too much on the supernatural side and became less scary as the game went (except for the bear section, dang that was creepy).

  2. I lovelovelove scary games and I’m a wuss so there have been more than a few games that have made me turn on all the lights in the house. First up would be Fatal Frame. Seeing ghosts through the camera and waiting to take their pictures was intense. Silent Hill was pretty darn scary for a number of reasons, but foremost- ghost children with knives. Amnesia: The Dark Descent also makes the list because of the inability to fight back, the sanity meter, atmosphere, music, story, etc.

    • I’d have to say the original Fatal Frame was by far the scariest game I’ve ever played as well. There was one scene in particular, of a long, narrow, dingy hallway with mirrors at the end, and a bunch of ropes randomly strung from the ceiling. At this point, my brother and I had gone through this hallway numerous times without incident… and so you can imagine our reaction when one of the ropes suddenly catches on us! The character gasped, the controller shook, my brother threw it into the air, and we both ran out of the room screaming like children, XD. We both were early 20’s at the time. Fun times.

      • Haha.. that does sound fun! I really hate it when the controller vibrates uncontrollably during those kinds of scenes. Sets in too much of the creepy mood. >_<

  3. Fatal Frames 3 on my PS2. That is the ONLY game could scares me.
    I played that game when i was like…14 or 15.
    The graphic, the sound, are so awesone. Everytimes i walk in a long hallway, go up the stair,….my heart seems to stop for a while. -_-
    There was this once, when i tried to open a door, a ghost girl appeared and i “ARRRGHHHHHHHHHHHHH”, that was 2am and my dad bursted in just to see me playing video games. lol!

      • ofcourse he was kinda mad. But he just said : “Do you have any idea what time is it? Back. to. the. bed. Now!”
        then i turned off the console, went to bed. Next morning i have to play that scary part again. :<

        Note to self : Use a headphone and keep my mouth shut when stay up late. lol

  4. Parsec Productions are widely known for the ‘Slender’ game.
    However, their other game, which I like for its simplicity, is ‘Where Am I’.
    You start in a square room, with a single dim light in the center of the ceiling.
    Randomly-generated hallways lead away, perhaps only one, perhaps four; they lead to a room just like the one you left. You keep walking through the identical rooms, the identical hallways.
    Then you turn around.
    The hallway you just walked through is gone.

    You stare blankly at the screen for a second, and then spin frantically around in the game to see if you were wrong – but you’re sure there’s a wall now where before there was a passage. But your spin has caused you to discover something else: there are now no hallways leading away from the room. Panic sets in. You spin back to face the wall, and now there’s a hallway, so you dash through. The walls in the passages begin to feel uncomfortably close, pushing in on your sides, even though they haven’t moved. Your screen goes fuzzy, static slowly building. You keep moving through: panic, the identical rooms, and the static disorienting you. You keep running, the hallways closing in, inducing claustrophobia. The static builds, and every spin shows you what you thought you already knew – the walls change. At the same time, the horrifying truth is revealed:
    You’re not alone in here.

    At this point, you begin to realise the reason for the game’s title.
    Panicking, heart pounding, you can only ask:
    “Where am I?”

  5. Alone in The Dark on PC,approximately on 2003,i was only 4 or 5 years old.Maybe this game isn’t scary for me know,but trust me,when you are 5 years old even wind can scare you,lol.So,i opened it,got scared just because of intro,and then,when the monster have jumped from the window i got super scared,closed the game and never played it anymore.I forgot about this game,the only things i remembered are that monster and that hand,lol.I have found it by accident,i was watching some “Best Horror Games” video and i saw this game.Ah,old memories…..

  6. For me it was the game Penumbra: Black Plague. In particular, a close encounter with a monster early on in the game. As I was reaching to the door, expecting to easily escape the dark room I found myself in, any sense of calm I had was broken by a loud gurgle. I stacked a couple of boxes in front of the door in a vain attempt to prevent its entry and hid behind a nearby desk. Before long, the monster burst through the door and walked close to my hiding spot. For a few brief moments, my heard throbbed as it stood mere inches away from the decrepit desk I called refuge. At the time, this held a certain terror for me. Being deadly close to the terrible beast with nothing more than a glow-stick to defend myself presented a great deal of tension. So much so in fact, that it had both my cousin (who was sitting behind me at the time) and I biting our nails in anticipation. I enjoyed Amnesia: The Dark Descent, however,Penumbra: Black Plague and especially that moment holds something special to me.

  7. I like horror games like silent hill, fatal frame, resident evil, and slender man. One of the best game that i’ve ever played was fatal frame. I love how the story go on with the game. We can play while the story are so cool and scary. I like slender man too. it’s one of the hardest game i’ve ever played! Till now i have’t finished it yet. :p Lol. But silent hill is cool too! 🙂 Because I love silent hill the movie.. :p

  8. The scariest moment in a game that I have ever experienced hands down, took place in an amnesia mod. This occurred after I had already beaten the main game and was fairly comfortable with the mechanics of the game. For example I knew that cabinets that one could walk in were a form of safe heaven. So as I was playing this mod in the middle of the night with my lights turned off and my headphones on I crept my way through the eerie chambers of that dark mansion. As the tension grew and I knew that my moments of peace and sanity were slowing ticking away I saw a figure at the end of the hallway. At that instant I still thought I had time to hide before it saw me, but before I had finished that thought I had realized that the monster was in a dead sprint coming at me. Filled with fear I abandoned all logical thought and ran like a chicken with its head cut off through the dark corridors of this mansion realizing one by one that all the doors were locked and I was trapped in this hallway, until just when all hope seemed lost a door gave way to the pressure of my hand and allowed my entrance. I knew time was still short though and that my best hope of survival was hiding in the large cabinet in the corner of the room, so with my heart still pounding I eased my way over to the door and opened it to hide in its safe embrace, only to be treated with the single most terrifying moment I have ever experienced in a game. For as a started to open the door a monster charged out at me from the depths of the cabinet.


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