Just… wow.

I really need to cool down.


She joined a month ago.
She was lost, so, I talked her through things that her finance systems team should’ve taught her.
But since I’m not from that team, I could only go through with her what I’ve learned from experience whilst working with that team.

Then, it started.

First, she got pissed off and blamed it on me for a new user not being able to log in to her team’s system.
It was her job and only she had the rights to that portion to give access to the user.
I checked and found out that she wasn’t given the rights.
I cooled down and emailed someone higher under her team regarding it.
She could’ve emailed him herself.
She knew who was above her.

Then, when someone here had a problem with that system, she nit-picked and raised her voice, demanding that the user had an issue with the local computer and not the system.
Asked why the user could access it last month, but yet, not this month.
Isn’t that the reason why problems arise?
Things may work fine for some time, but, things do break down..  gets corrupted and whatnot.
What kind of a question is that?
I’ve already done the troubleshooting and it was obvious that it had nothing to do with local issues.
After giving her the evidence, she then said she’d email to another team.


I’d say, this time around, it doesn’t pay to be nice.
She knows nuts about her work.
I talked nicely to her even when she raised her voice.
Yet, she blamed me and my skills for issues that could’ve easily been brought forward to the right people.
If it was my fault, fine, I’ll admit it.

I’ve worked with the other teams taking care of the other systems for a few years and we have no qualms between each other.
Sometimes, a few teams are needed to settle one issue, because of the different scopes and systems.
So, we’d pass to each other issues that the other can handle.
But, not once did any of us treat each other this way.

What was she after?
Gaining/retaining respect from the other colleagues and teams is definitely not one of them.


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