It isn’t about Tyrael.

It’s about Mathael, the Angel of Death.

The new expansion introduces Reaper of Souls.

A new class has been created, the Crusader, a fierce melee warrior (looks more like a paladin).

New maps and quests in addition to the next chapter, Act V.



Tyrael… seriously?
You should’ve gone in RMAH after turning mortal and gear up before doing such an arduous quest!
Don’t make yourself look so pathetic. *sobs* </3



You know I love lore.
So, lemme just tell you a little something.

The Angiris Council is the ruling body of the High Heavens, with Malthael being the leader of the Council.

It initially consisted of five archangels:

  1. Malthael:  Angel of Death (formerly known as the Archangel of Wisdom)
  2. Imperius: Archangel of Valor
  3. Tyrael:  Nephalem of Wisdom (formerly known as the Archangel of Justice)
  4. Auriel: Archangel of Hope
  5. Itherael: Archangel of Fate

Over the course of the Great Conflict, a number of angels and demons had become dissatisfied with the endless war.
A group of renegade, under the leadership of the angel Inarius and demon Lilith, gained access to the Worldstone.

The Worldstone originally lay in the realm of Pandemonium.

Oral history states that whichever side controlled the stone allowed it to alter reality and create life and worlds with barely any restriction.
At some point, the archangel Tyrael ordered that a bastion be built around the stone, which would come to be known as the Pandemonium Fortress.
The fortress changed hands many times over the course of the Great Conflict, and the possession of the Worldstone alternated in turn.

Altering its frequency or dimensional alignment, they used its power to conceal it from the angels and demons still fighting in the Eternal Conflict.
They then shaped a world of refuge called Sanctuary around it.
Either way, far removed from the squabbles of his former allies and enemies, Inarius shaped Mount Arreat as a kind of protective shell around the Worldstone.
From there, the rest of the world would be formed.

At that time, Malthael became consumed with discovering where the artifact had disappeared to and as the Angel of Wisdom, was tortured by his inability to find it.

Regardless, Sanctuary’s existance became known and at the end of the Sin War, the Angiris Council convened to discuss its fate and that of its inhabitants.
Malthael abstained from voting, but, the end result was that Sanctuary and its denziens would be allowed to exist, free to choose their own path.

Much later, Lord of Destruction, approached Mt Arreat at the head of a demonic army.
His plan was to infuse his soulstone shard with the Worldstone that had spawned it.
His shard pulsated with energies of destruction, and if fused with the Worldstone, humanity would fall prey to the powers of destruction as well.

The Barbarians fought to stem the tide, but were driven back to the slopes of Arreat and their last bastion of Harrogath.
Baal’s forces laid siege to the fortress while thanks to the treachery of Nihlathak, Baal was able to claim the Relic of the Ancients, allowing him passage up the slopes of the mountain.

Ultimately, Baal was defeated by a group of heroes that had previously defeated his brothers, Diablo and Mephisto.
However, they were too late to prevent him from enacting his plan.
Tyrael, coming to aid the heroes, determined that the only recourse available was to destroy the Worldstone.
After opening a portal for them, the angel hurtled his El’druin into the stone, shattering it.

Malthael disappeared after the destruction of the Worldstone.
His departure broke the unity of the Angiris Council.
Some speculated that he haunts the silent halls of Pandemonium, seeking answers to the knowledgeable mysteries of life and death.
Regardless, after Diablo’s defeat in his siege of the High Heavens, a now mortal Tyrael took Malthael’s place as the Aspect of Wisdom.

Now, Mathael returns as the Angel of Death.
Watched from the shadows as a hero of nephalem lineage struck down Diablo, the Prime Evil, and trapped the demon lord within the Black Soulstone.
Watched Tyrael bring it to the depths where no angel, demon or nephalem should be able to find.
And here is the beginning of Act V, Diablo III.



❤ Icesabel


5 thoughts on “Malthael

    • They don’t just have one.
      They have a whole load of them, whereby, the first one was first published in 2006.

      In chronological order:
      The Sin War: Birthright
      The Sin War: Scales of the Serpent
      The Sin War: The Veiled Prophet
      The Black Road / Diablo I
      Legacy of Blood / Diablo II
      The Kingdom of Shadow / Diablo II
      Moon of the Spider
      The Order

      If you’re like me, who pretty much support awesome work, you could buy the books.
      Else, oh well… you can read the pdf version for free @

      On the sideline, they have Book of Cain and soon, Book of Tyrael.

      Happy reading! ^_^

  1. You’ve ruined my social life with these pdf versions of the Diablo books. 😥 They’re fantastic reads. Nice to know that others share my interest of knowing the lore behind the games they play.


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