Reasons why I hate being a girl


Period + emotions overdrive


Unlike normal girls, I have irregular periods, so, I’ll never know when a wave will come.
But when I suddenly become extremely emotional…
Crying for no particular reason on one fine day and raging like a maniac on another, I’ll know it’s coming.

Abdominal pain.
Without fail, it’ll come as my period’s best friend.
All I ever want to do is roll on the ground in pain for the first 2 days.
Worse case scenario is unable to move or walk on the first day.
You will never understand the pain.

That’s also when my skin goes into a acne fest without fail.



Shaving, waxing, plucking.. it never ends!
Hate it that I have really sensitive skin that I can’t use most hair removal products off the shelf.

No, not the hair on the head.
But even for that, always having a problem to figure out whether to crop it off, have bangs, curl/straighten, etc.
Plus, my hair is so fine, I can’t even do much to it… can’t bleach it or colour too much or put much products on it (even that much needed conditioner).



Looked down upon

In my field of work, I get that way too often.
By strangers, of course.
Then again, sometimes, I like to act like a noob when I’m around strangers just to have fun.

There is a significant number of girls doing programming, web and whatnot, but not the systems.
Always being judged because they think I’m unable to carry heavy U-sized rack equipments.
I can, in fact, with 4-inch heels.
Although, my ex-bosses thought that I was crazy for doing so.



Skin & Bones

Be a fat girl and you’ll get criticised, be a thin girl and you’ll be hated.

If you didn’t know:

  1. I’ve spent my younger years being bullied because of being small-sized, short and skinny
  2. Whilst I was in martial arts during my teenage years, I went through so much trying to gain weight just to join sparring competitions based on height/weight/age, but, gave up and lost more than I gained
  3. I wanted to join the police force and army in my early 20s, but was rejected for being way underweight

But, you’ve not been through what I went through and it made me emotionally sad for years, still does.



Being lady-like

Sit this way, be extremely polite, look sweet… bleah.
Okay.. I don’t like to curse, but, I sure don’t like being all girly all the time.
Especially when I’m gaming.

Expect me to talk like a guy when I’m killing hordes of mobs or rpg/fps pvp.
Stop me from gaming halfway/say “it’s just a game”/kill me and you’ll feel my wrath.



Chivalry in the new century

Yes, I envy most girls.

Between me and my bf, both of us pay for our expenses, for whoever has the available cash at the moment.
Whatever the expenses may be.
Most of the time, I’ll be the one fetching or meeting up with him.
It’s like.. I’m the chivalrous guy instead.



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