Daily Prompt: Everything Changes

Daily Prompt: Everything Changes
by michelle w. on August 6, 2013

Walking down the street, you encounter a folded piece of paper on the sidewalk. You pick it up and read it and immediately, your life has changed. Describe this experience.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us TRANSFORMATION.

via Daily Prompt: Everything Changes.


Ok.. maybe the life change wasn’t immediate. But, well, here’s my rendition of it.



I often wondered why my life sucks, although, I do make the most out of it. It was such a hot day that I had to constantly wipe the dripping sweat off my huge forehead. Wish I had a cool drink to buy, but, I couldn’t afford anything, until, I get my measly pay the day after. That’s how broke I was. Fasting for a day or two was a common thing in my daily life.

The sun’s glare was really getting me. Facing down while trudging along, something reflected directly into my eyes. “What the…” It was a locket necklace, reflecting the light. Annoyed by how the day was going, I kicked it off the sidewalk with my huge muddy-dried black boots. It opened and a piece of paper dropped out of it. Squatted down to pick up the paper which was a little torn on the edges, but, was neatly folded into a small square.

“Why am I even wasting my time taking this? I have to get to work. I’m running late!” Stashed both the necklace and paper down my washed-out jeans left pocket and walked on quickly.


Work is tough. But, I’d usually mind my own business, so, no one would disturb me. By the time I reached home, it was already 11 at night. My throat was parched dry as I grabbed a glass to take water from the tap. “Ahhh…” Nothing tastes as good as water. Placed it in the sink and went to have a shower. Took off my jeans and heard a clink sound on the floor. It was the necklace that I had picked up earlier today.

Unfolding the paper, I read the content. “There are two types of people in this world. Those who act upon something and those who do not.” With an address written in small words at the bottom.

Pondering over the note while having a shower, I decided to check it out tomorrow. “How convenient! Tomorrow, I’d get my pay and a day off. It isn’t far off from where I’m heading to buy some necessities.” So, it was decided.


I was feeling pretty energised in the morning, excited to get my pay. Finally! I’m famished! Got myself brunch after waiting an hour in line to receive my salary. Of course, the address. I looked up at the door number on the paper and then at the physical door sign. This looks like it.

No one came to answer after pressing the doorbell twice. I was about to walk off when someone touched my shoulder with a soft “hello” from the back. I was a little shocked. A bent old man walked towards the door and unlocked it, inviting me in for a cup of coffee. By this time, I was thinking twice, but, what could an old man possibly do to me, anyway? It would’ve been the other way around, shouldn’t it?

He disappeared into the kitchen while I sat on an old couch. Scanning around, the place looks quite old, but neat, as if someone took the time to place everything nicely at the spot it was intended to be at. He came back a few minutes later with 2 mugs. “I hope you like it without milk.” He laughed, while placing one on the low coffee table in front of me. Not knowing where to start, I showed him the necklace and paper I found yesterday.


He started, “This belonged to my wife. I lost it one day and never found it. I have no siblings or children. My wife died a few years after we got married due to a car accident and everything went downhill from then forth. When we were still together, she gave me this brought-down for generations necklace. She never told me that there was something inside and I never thought of opening it. Thank you for bringing this back. Sincerely, I do.”

We chatted for hours after that. We became friends. Good friends. He taught me a lot of things that I never knew. Skills that he had, but, not put to use, because he had given up on everything since the death of his beloved wife.

A few months had gone by; I was offered a great place to work, with the new set of skills I’ve obtained from my new friend. Life has been great, only because I took the time and energy to learn. No, wait, it was because I took the first step to be at this place and my friend was willing to open up.


He had passed away peacefully a few weeks back and I was given everything he had. I didn’t sell off things that meant a lot to us, especially the necklace. I had the paper folded and placed back to where it was supposed to be. Instead, I had the house refurbished, wrote my second book (I never knew I could write until I met him) and always looking forward to life, meeting new people and inspiring them.

Someday, I’ll pass down this necklace to someone else. Maybe, someone else might find it instead.


And as I write this, I shall repeat those words again.

“There are two types of people in this world. Those who act upon something and those who do not.”


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