Eid al-Fitr

It’ll fall on this Thursday.

Somehow, a couple of people are pretty depressed upon the coming of this day.
Sorry to hear if you couldn’t fly back home to be with your family.
Hope you’ll get together as soon you can get a a few days off from school/work overseas!


I miss the good old days.
When family meant everything to the whole lot of us.
Things went from bad to worse when my grandparents passed on.

Everyone will be coming over to my house this year.
Since my (last) grandma who’s bed-ridden is staying with us, taken care by my mum.
I didn’t see any of my relatives coming by to see my grandma since my late grandpa passed away a few months back.
I’m pissed.
If we were to talk about wills and money, they’d probably be the first to show up.


When we were younger, my parents would bring us to every relative’s (mum’s and dad’s sides) house in the whole month of Shawal.
I would sing all the Hari Raya songs  and just be merry.
We’d collect our Hari Raya money gleefully and eat our fave cakes.
A lot of people favour the Kuih tat.

Kuih Makmur and Layang-layang!

My my grandaunts see me eat those non-stop (I’m pretty choosy.. not everyone can make the really awesomely delicious ones), they’d ask if I’d like to pack some home.
It was fun to meet my cousins, play with stick fireworks and just nom nom nom. >_<

It was also fun during Ramadan.
I loved helping my dad cook lemang and ketupat.

That’s how I learned to make the ketupat when I was very young. ^_^

My grandma would always call me over, even though my sis was a better baker and cook, to bake all the kuih-muih.
We’d make extra Kuih Marmur for me to eat after we break our fast.
Lots of extra Kuih Tat for my elder bro who can eat bottles of those by himself.

I’d follow my grandma to buy all the ingredients (loads of them) at the wet market.
Bargaining for fresh vegetables, meat, spices, etc.
My grandma would cook pots of delicious delicacies the day before Hari Raya.

I seriously cannot remember the names of the dishes though because I never took the time to know.
But, I’d help with the cooking.
Trust me.. I hate cooking.. but, I love doing so during these kind of events.

Cleaning my grandparents’ and parents’ house, redecorating fresh coat of paint on the walls, oh yes… lampu lap lip!
I love looking at those.
I used to always tell my dad to hang those out my room window every time and would leave some of it in my room, so, when I turn off the lights for bed, my room will light up and goes dark and light up again in a sequence.. like blinking stars in my room!

Never fails to cheer me up and light up a smile on my face.

My grandma and mum would always call me to help with bringing down and hanging up the curtains.
Ahhh.. I hated that job, because they used to use these metal pins thingy for hanging the cloths up, that’ll poke my fingers and hands. A painful job..  but, someone has to do it. +_+

Follow my grandma and mum for the morning prayer in the open (it used to be at a nearby stadium), where hundreds of people would come together to pray.

I loved it!

Every first day, I’d cry.. quietly at a corner.
For the end of such a beautiful peaceful month ’cause I would actually feel like I’m missing something.
For all the blessings I was given.
Gift prayers for those who were gone and those who are still alive.

Then, we’d change to our new clothes and get ready for guests to come.


Pure things do not last forever.

In this time and age, even my own friends do not bother about Hari Raya for the Muslims and Chinese New Year for the Chinese. The Indians still hold strong though.

Sometimes, I think that my future kids might not taste the same simple happiness my generation and the ones before had.

We choose what we do.
Maybe things will change some day… for the better.



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