Miss Perfect

Was just browsing around and saw this a moment ago.

“Someone was wishing to be smarter, prettier and skinner, so that things will be right.”



It does feel right to want it, but, it isn’t right at all.
It really isn’t.
I mean… it will not make things better or right in what you wish it really should.

Which girl would not wish to be “perfect”?

But, if you were to have these picture-perfect features, you would’ve sacrificed something else.
Are you truly willing to sacrifice something that could’ve mean more than just these so-called perfection?


Everyone is born different.
They then choose to be who they want to be, what they aspire and wish to do.

I don’t really want to generalise everyone.

There’s that tiny percentage of girls who do have everything.
But, is that gorgeous girl really kind-hearted, sweet, loving girl?
Traded brains for beauty?

Life would be different.
You’re be living off outer beauty.
Would you have the same faithful and caring friends as you have now?
Or would they probably have the same personality/attitude as you (somehow)?


Everyone wants to move over to the greener patch.
What if you really knew what was going on on the other side?
What the person went through to be who she is?
Would you have wanted that life instead?

If you’re healthy, have a nice family and the necessities, it should be fine.
Not stopping you from going ahead and reach for the stars, but, I don’t think it’s that wise to wish for something that dramatic either.

What makes you think that you wouldn’t have as many enemies if you’re pretty.
Humans envy a whole lot and it makes them pretty evil.

Knowing too much isn’t an ideal thing.
You’re be worrying about the unnecessary.

I wish I had more meat on myself.
You don’t know the amount of criticisms and being bullied from being naturally skinny my whole life.
Probably the same amount as an obese person.


Are you able to handle these?
Do you really want to handle this?

One may think that they’ve had enough of their “lousy” life.
Everyone gets frustrated.

Have you seen the guy who has been paralysed from head to toe, except for his brain and face (mouth, eyes, etc)?
He became the top student of a college he went to.
Sweet person, lovable, strong.
A stronger will than even a normal person who can do pretty much everything.

Society (media)’s definition on a lot of things is pretty harsh on a lot of people.
There is no perfection.
It’s all in the mind.

Even those who are rich and with everything anyone would wish for, give away their life as if it meant nothing to them or those who care about them.
They go insane and do stupid things… you see a lot of them around.
Do you still want to be in their shoes?


Wish for something more meaningful.

If you love to see new things and meet new people.. maybe you could.. wish for a longer life.. work hard, travel more, have fun.
If you love your family, wish them good health, take care of them and keep them close as often as you can.

Everyone has a dream, have you reached it yet?
Wish for that.. live it.



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