I sat there, frozen, staring into the emptiness and seeing you clearly on the white washed wall. Your smile. So sweet. Felt like home. Then, I saw you running away into the distance as your warm laughter faded away into a whisper.

You were watching from a distance, holding something that suggests the epitome of living. Something dripping down your arms, something moving on your right hand. I can barely see as my eyes start to cloud with tears. Why was I crying? But, there was no second to wait for an answer. Just a bat of an eye, with that same sweet smile, you threw it out. I could feel my body jerking forward, as if, wanting to catch it from its death. I could feel my vocal fold vibrate, but, not a sound could be heard.

There I was, somewhere else again, for the third time. In another place, in another time. Lost within my own mind. There was nothing that I’d never give. I changed my job, although I hated it, to spend more time with you. Bought us a home with a big garden, as you’ve always dreamed about since you were a little girl. You loved to spend every moment basking in the sun with  your  hand trowel, because you loved flowers, while  humming different songs I’ve never heard of. I swore you should’ve been a song writer when you create tunes out of the blue. They were soothing to the heart. Our Huskeys would come around to play under the blue sky and I’ve not seen you any happier than this. Yet, I’ll sometimes wonder why I never saw you cry, but, why would I want that? Shaking that thought away in an instance.

Held her hands, so delicate, yet so sturdy. She has been through a lot, with the loss of her parents while she was young. I found her shivering soul within a strong exterior as if by some written fate. She would always whisper in my ear, telling me “it’s going to be alright” every time I was about to break down into a mess. My ray of sunlight in the eye of the storm. I couldn’t afford to lose that. I just couldn’t.

But, I never woke up. I never saw you. Most of all, the question of if you were just a figment of my imagination real will never be answered truthfully. Or, was I the figment, in reality?

– End –




Don’t ask me why I typed all these.
It just appeared in my head when I heard this song (Jay Z – Holy Grail Ft. Justin Timberlake) only the portion where Justin Timberlake is singing though and I needed to throw it out.

Feels as though there should be a part 2, but, well, being me, I’ll just forget about it soon enough.



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