The Conjuring


I’ve always found that English-based supernatural/horror movies aren’t scary.
What really sends chills down the spine are the Asian ones.
Thus, I went to catch it anyway.

For once, I was proven wrong.


It’s a paranormal movie about a demonic possession to someone in a big family of 7.
Seeking help from a paranormal investigators husband-wife duo, one a demonologist and the other, a clairvoyant.
Which then nearly reminds me of paranormal activity with a dash of exorcism.

First of all, there was close to no boring portions of the film.
You’re being kept to the edge of your seat right from the beginning.
Although, the audience were making an uproar since the second half.
The real chilling parts did not come until the last quarter of it (at least, for me).
The guy on my right was so close to his gf and shifting around continuously… can it get any more annoying?
The guy on my left was also so close to his gf, had his hands covering his face and was breathing so deeply (noisy and irritating me), that initially, I was wondering if someone was doing that just to annoy others, until I found out it was him much later on.

I’m sitting there.. munching away until the last portion.
Maybe, I’m a bit weird, but, I tend to “block” out “dumb” sound effects, so, I get to catch the portions that didn’t need “cheesy sound effects” to create an atmosphere.


I truly am not a fan of supernatural movies and horrible being a critic.
But, I’d give this a 8 out of 10?

I have a good reason for hating to watch supernatural movies/show/whatever.
Although, I do understand people’s need to scare themselves to death, mine comes in bundles of in real life experience.
They can have my vision, etc, for all I care.
It pisses me off since it does make me tired mentally and emotionally.
But by then, if they can’t handle it, they’d probably start to be like me, wishing for a more peaceful life and without a second thought, stop asking for the cheap scares.
Oh… why am I being so spiteful right now… >_>
Prolly due to deprivation of sleep.

Alright.. time to stop ranting.





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