I was playing soccer with my dad, brothers and the neighborhood guys living nearby since I was young.

I do want to add in a bit more to the list.

  1. Playing anywhere that has enough space for us to play is fine, under the void deck, a small field, open spaces within our neighborhood (even if there’s a sign stating “playing soccer is not allowed”).
  2. Using slippers, in fact, anything we can find, if none of us own cones to act as “goalposts”.
  3. Arguing whether it’s a goal after hitting the “goalposts”.
  4. Running around barefooted if we don’t want to wear sports shoes or soccer boots to play.
  5. There are no midfielders or defenders. Everyone is an aggressive striker and would defend as and when needed. (But, I love being a goalkeeper!)
  6. Someone will be “picked” aka bullied to be the ball picker. Ok.. well.. sometimes, we alternate.
  7. Screaming “goal” at the top of our voices as if it was the biggest achievement we’ve ever made.
  8. Playing on the muddy field (after a rainy spell)? Who cares? The muddier the better! Game on!!!!

    No childhood was awesome without playing in the rain and in the mud! >_<
    But… be ware of the aftermath of getting a good old scolding from your mom, etc when you get home! lol~




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