Amp It Up

Let me introduce you to my bf.
No.. no.. not my laptops/desktops.


The difference between us and other couples

We never had a “honeymoon period” unlike most couples.
Meaning, since the moment we got to know each other and throughout the years, we’re always… ALWAYS squabbling like old people.
Throughout the years, you ask?
We’ve been together for a decade (aka 10 years) on and off.. except for the last 3 years.
Well, we dated other people during our off period.


How we met virtually

We were in mIRC back in the early 2000s at the same moment.
I was “shouting” in the main.
He was one of them who checked on my profile and messaged me in Friendster for being curious of this familiar face.
Messaged me, but, I ignored him.
Well, apparently, we were schoolmates in primary school, but, no… I never knew he existed.
All he told me was that I was one of his 2 crushes he had in school back then.

Actually, I didn’t talk much to him.
Not until I was playing MuOnline and he joined in (probably) to steal my heart away.

But, we did not get together until I broke up with a jerk of an ex-bf I was with for 3 years who was older than me by a couple of years.
The guy who would act like an Ah Beng.. Phisshhh. >_>
The ex who had a group of friends where all of us would frequent a LAN shop or at home playing Diablo 2, Warcraft 3 and DOTA.
Yet, I shall not mention the extreme negative things he has done before as he has already got his side of life’s bargain to balance fate out.
When I finally got together with him, that ex practically would send threats, spit on the ground in front of him when we crossed each other’s paths and the final straw that the whole group beat him up after he sent me home one night.


The Youth

We were young.
We always quarrelled as my trust in guys was already down the drains because of the earlier ex.
We are human.. we make mistakes.. we hurt each other.. we break up.. we came back together.
We were just carefree.

It’s just troubling enough for me to have a good looking bf.
I think.. he’s having the same problem of me having too many guy friends.


Yin and Yang

We are the exact opposites.
We like different things.

Some of the similarities we have is our…
Obsession with gaming
Sports especially running and soccer (the first team we had in common with was Liverpool FC)
Be spontaneously outrageous when we’re together… it becomes chaotic when you place these individually-quiet-us together.
Well, we do love each other no matter how dumb we can be towards one another.

When he’s “fire”, I’m “water” and vice versa.
Well, we HAVE been fighting world wars for years.

He was pretty well-known in the counterstrike community.
While he won so many competitions in Singapore, I was his shadow.
Always known as ***’s gf.
Never as my individual self.
No one knew my name.

When we played MMORPGs together, he was always known for something.
When we became famous in one of the MMORPGs we once played, we made as much enemies as friends.
Since we were hardcore gamers, we could go on a rampage of non-stop gaming with very little sleep and food.
Max leveled, got awesome items, teamed up for guild wars (no.. not the game) that people started to say we had no lives and whatnot.
I guess, it’s not easy for most to find the right partner/team to do the things we did.
We already had a head-start.

But, I was still just that.
Always the unknown support from behind.
I guess I was pretty tired of that, that, grew out of that shell and started to go upfront and shed off my full/sub-support roles.
As much as I love the supporting role, I started to enjoy my own “achievements”.

But, it’s different when we play FPS.
We’d play our own game even as a team.
More of a shared teamwork and lesser of a supporting role.

Either of us can go on a non-stop gaming phase.
But, I tend to stop at some moment in time and go into a gaming hiatus phase afterwards.
Sometimes, I’d be the one gaming non-stop and he’s on the casual side.
Causing some discrepancies between us.

We do quarrel a lot about gaming and many non-gamer friends and family members are unable to grasp the level of our discordance.

At the same time, when he meets his old girl friends who’d laugh while asking whether he’s still gaming and acknowledged at how childish it is.
I’d be laughing as well, but, not with them…
For the fact that I have the same obsession as him and that I don’t believe the need of either of us to change even if others have a different perspective of what “normal” people should do.

These writings was created, inspired by him.
Because back during those times when he was a hardcore MMORPG player…
While I was still his shadow, there was always someone asking him for advice, help, etc…
I envied him.

But, I was extremely quiet back then.
People did acknowledge me of being one of the best in my own field, but, I was a shy person, even in-game.
Not once did I share my builds to others in any game I played.
I actually like being different.
I didn’t like copying others and just didn’t like the idea of anyone copying me either.

Selfish? Maybe.. but, I’d call it my own trade secret.
I actually, still do so.
Won’t say mine is the most awesome, but, a lot of people was just wondering what I did to obtain certain things.

Trust me… a couple of months later, someone would eventually debunk it after doing some calculations.
But by then, I would’ve been itching to play another game.


The enemies

I would say, throughout the decade, we’ve came across a lot of nemesis.

Those who wanted to break us up for a variety of reasons… in real life or ingame.
Whether it affected our gaming lives or not.

I’ve mentioned about my on and off love for gaming.
This is the reason for my “off” portion.
It causes friction between us as much as it allows us to bond.

Where there is good, there is bound to be some bad.




We’ve come a long way.

We might not be the most perfect couple, but, we work it out.
This is how we are and we’re loving it, whether anyone approves of it or not.

We are getting married next year.
We’re pretty old, contrary to people (irl) thinking that we look in our early 20s via a first impression. >_<

Say that again…




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