Bugs.. bugs everywhere

The amount of bugs there are in the game could outnumber a colony of bugs in an infested place.


So many more bugs in quests and other dungeons.

The only bugs that should exist in the game would be like this dead cockroach.. >_<



One thought on “Bugs.. bugs everywhere

  1. Needless bugs are actually the thing that brought me from being simply someone who plays video games (a non-gamer) to someone who cares about video games (a gamer). The more attention developers choose and are forced to pay to monetisation models and graphic-fidelity over mechanics and narrative, the more bugs we’ll find in our games. Non-gamers respond to this by saying that we are asking for perfection when, instead, all we’re asking for is something we were taught throughout school.

    We were taught that we need to make sure our answers were correct and that we think things through because, in ‘real life’ mistakes can rarely be afforded. I wrote the poem ‘A Heavy, Uncomfortable Truth’ (Damage Over Time collection) about this very fact and the more I see incoherent standards being applied the more appalled I am. It’s something that pushes me away from necessarily online and multi-player games more and more.


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