Noel Update

Alright.. nearly done with the basis part of Crecentia.
Gonna tweak the Soul Maker a little.
All the links on Noel is at the right side.. scroll down a little.. you won’t miss it.. I think.. lol~

Will be calculating a few stuff and adding more explanation soon.


My take on the Noel after (insanely) obtaining both SM and Cres?
I am in love with my Cres, only because it’s a real thrill to push the limit and hit high dmg and crits!

SM would be for those who fancies killing and supporting at the same time.
They are not meant to heal on a full-time basis, therefore, works like just a Sorcerer.
In fact, their heals aren’t even as great as a Sorc, but, fine enough to be a sub-support.
However, you’re there to give awesome “buffs” and well, heal whenever there is a real need aka especially boss fights.

So… yeah.. ^_^

❤ Icesabel


2 thoughts on “Noel Update

    • Oh my gosh… I’m truly sorry 😦
      It’s probably already been 5 months since I played RO2 and I cannot recall the name of the weapon.
      Really apologise for that, I hope someone else can answer you.


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