Remember that game?

As with most things that happen in your everyday life, gaming brings in memories of certain occasions as well.


Remembering… the… first… (or maybe.. just random moments)
(Ok.. most of it are based on my experience.. =X)

  1. Console you’ve ever owned.
  2. Game you’ve ever played.
  3. Time you got online to play a game.
  4. Online friend you made via a game.
  5. NPC crush you had in a game.
  6. RL human crush you had in an online game.
  7. Partner you had from an online game
  8. Love with a storyline, got too indulged in it.. laughed, got angry and even cried when your fave chars died.
  9. Dream about a game while sleeping.
  10. Daydream about being a char in the game you’ve been playing.
  11. Wish you made about you wanting to live in a fantasy world and leave reality forever (lol~)
  12. Time you left the world without saying goodbye and forgot all about reality (aka work/school and friends/family) during your non-stop gaming period
  13. Time you forgot to eat and drink… still, you survived the ordeal.
  14. Time you forgot the time.. wait.. even the day.. or date because you were too engrossed and then, wondering what century you’re in after you’re done with it.
  15. Moment you realise that you felt so lost after a game has ended after days/weeks/months of playing a game non-stop.
  16. Few hours you took to create, “design” and think of every weird/boring name you could conjure out for your beloved char (just to realise that it sucks big time and re-rolled or re-created a brand new char later on).
  17. Time when the internet was down for weeks/months and you only had to play offline games by yourself (and discover the true beauty of playing alone).
  18. When you had the option to change the background “time” from morning to afternoon to night and played with that, just to see how nice your char is in the sunlight/darkness.
  19. Time you decided to go rogue and splurged on a killing spree (PK) on everyone (humans or NPC) and everything for the fun of it, whether on single or multi-player mode.
  20. Time you jumped off a super high cliff to see if you’d die.
  21. Time you walked like a boss in the fire, get your whole body light up in flames and walk around without dying.
  22. You did a lot of emoticons by yourself or with your friends or guildies just to see how dumb it looks like. /dance. And yet, all of you still decide to carry on and do stupid things.
  23. Guild photo!!! Guild meetup.. In-game and IRL.
  24. lol.. yes your first lol.
  25. Time you shouted at the top of your lungs with glee and danced around when you win in pvp.
  26. Time you saw blood and gore splash on your screen (ok maybe movies, etc, have this option too)… pause.. go “wth”.. then move on happily as if that never happened.
  27. (For a girl) Beat a guy at a game without him knowing he’s dueling with a girl and when he ever did know later on, he still won’t believe that his opponent was a girl.
  28. Time you started using acronyms and sign languages or even a newly created language that can only be understood by you and your friends.
  29. Game you ever bought for yourself or someone else.
  30. Game someone bought for you (especially for a special occasion).
  31. Game you bought online.
  32. Game you bought on STEAM! Still buying them there every time there’s a sale! rofl~
  33. Game you bought that comes with a box.. wait a minute…
  34. Collector’s Edition Set with the gorgeous box and a.. this.. and a.. that.. oh yes.. that pretty figurine rocks my boat, alright.. that comes with it.
  35. Time you went on LAN (cyber cafe / LAN shop).
  36. Gaming marathon with your friends on LAN for 2 days (or more) straight.. who cares where you slept or even sleep (did I hear “sleep is for the weak”?).
  37. Gaming competition you entered.
  38. Game genre you’ve tried (FPS, RPG, RTS, MOBA).
  39. Gun you pulled out and shoot like a maniac.
  40. Got away with “a knife” and jumped around saying “KNIFED!!!!”
  41. Swarmed your lowbie minions over to your opponents base and knocked them down without them knowing it… just to troll.
  42. Oh yes… your first trolling.
  43. “FIRST BLOOD”!
  44. Double Kill… Triple Kill…  (contrary to me not liking MOBA, I’d admit that I played DOTA quite a bit on LAN with friends when it was still a new player-generated content because I was a huge fan of Warcraft Series, RTS and tower defence.)
  45. Killing Spree… Rampage… Unstoppable… Dominating
  46. Team killing and everyone goes lol/insane over it (depending on how serious the game is).
  47. AllYourBaseAreBelongToUs, WhosYourDaddy, iseedeadpeople
  48. In awe of the pew pew of “photon man” in AoE.
  49. Classics like Sid Meier’s Civilization, Ultima Underworld, SimCity and Doom.
  50. Stupid game that made you do stupid things… dayum Beavis & Butt-head.
  51. Game song that stayed stuck in your head for days either because you played too much or love the song to bits.
  52. Humming to a game music score at random times.
  53. Game song that you found randomly on the internet and go “oh my gosh… I remember that!!!”
  54. Time you thought that MK, VF, SF, Tekken kicked ass… still do.
  55. Pokemon you caught and go gaga over catching the pokemon you’ve always wanted.
  56. Time getting too excited over getting a new game and would open the box, staring at it for as long as the journey back home is.
  57. Read of a strategy guide book on a game, but, never really apply it in-game.
  58. Buy of an “expensive” (because you bought it out of your pocket money) game magazine and yet, only read the section about your fave game!
  59. Time being misunderstood by your parents and non-gamer friends about your gaming obsession and being over the moon over a gaming episode (may it be getting a new item or leveling up or won your first vs game, etc).
  60. Oh wow.. I nearly missed out the most important of them all.. The first time you ever fell in love with GAMING itself.

Tee hee~

Nightzzz ❤
~ Icesabel


2 thoughts on “Remember that game?

  1. I can relate so much to number 15! There have been so many times I have wondered what I’m doing with my life, where it’s going and even listened to motivational speakers on goal-setting! After all that I just sit back down, pick up the pad and get back into game mode 🙂 I still enjoy gaming now but I manage my time accordingly. If I plan 6hrs of gaming, then that’s exactly what’s going to happen!


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