Hari Raya Ready?

My colleagues are together at one table while one lady teaches the rest how to weave a ketupat (rice packet).
Eh hehehehe.. in the end.. I was the one teaching them since they said that she wasn’t patient with them.

Heh~ Menganyam ketupat ni memang senang. >_<

My dad taught me how to weave a ketupat bawang and sate/nasi when I was very young… probably when I was 8?
Only the two of us, amongst my family members, know how to weave these.
So, when I was still in school, I’d be one of the few who’d weave these for our celebration decorations!
Well, I would also create lanterns out of Ang Baos (red packets) for Chinese New Year too.

I’d usually buy one baju kurung/kebaya a year for Hari Raya, except for last year, whereby, I skipped it altogether.
One would cost between SG$200-400.
I have no idea why I buy the expensive ones when the fact is that I rarely wear them throughout the year.
But they do last long, look really gorgeous and fits me nicely!
Maybe I’ll skip again this year or buy something below 100 bucks.


I haven’t gone to any of the bazaars yet, although, it has already been a little more than a week of fasting.
All I’ve been doing is going home straight after work or eating out at some normal food shop and then head back.
Last year, I’ve only gone to the main Bazaar at Geylang once.
I remember going there way too many times for my own good when I was in my teens.
There’s nothing much to do or see now.
Neither have I been having any cravings for anything special to eat this year.
Am I becoming lazy or just… giving zero care about it all?

Well, this year, I’m flying off to KL, Malaysia to watch a Barcelona FC match at Bukit Jalil Stadium on the 13th of August.
A few days after Raya.

Nah.. I don’t have any relatives in Malaysia.
I used to have relatives living in Indonesia though.
Everyone is in Singapore.
Not that my family go visiting ever since my grandparents passed away.

Most of my Chinese and Malay friends don’t even go visiting during Chinese New Year or Hari Raya Puasa.
So, we’d all usually hang out together during those public holidays.
Not sure what happened to (probably starting from) our generation, but, that’s how it is.



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