Brrrr… Running Away

Was getting a little sleepy at work, partly because I’ve only had a few hours of sleep.
Partly because I’ve not eaten since dinner, I didn’t eat Sahur today and it’s 3pm.
So, I ran off to the LAN room to freeze myself.. which, sometimes, do wake me up.

So.. this is.. TA-DA!.. the lan room.
My babies which I take care of. ❤ ❤ ❤

Sorry.. the lights were too bright in there (but, brrr… freezing cold).


2 thoughts on “Brrrr… Running Away

  1. Being in a room that cold sounds pretty grand from where I sit.

    In our house it’s generally hotter on the inside than on the outside due to a lack of air conditioning and the insulation that would make air conditioning cost-effective in even one room. Right now I’m sitting here typing this between crafting in EQII and wearing one of my girlfriend’s hair clips to keep my hair from being plastered to my back. I’m looking forward to either Fall coming or Mother Nature taking some Midol and calming the fuck down with this heat. XD

    • It’s summer time there, right? I bet it’s scorching hot!!
      There’s only one season here, summer all year long. It’s only either sunny or rainy, but, it’s not like I can stand the heat. T_T Chill.. the weather will change sooner than you think.


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