Gnawing Sadness

Must’ve been lying to myself that I’m just fine since yesterday’s episode.
Because the sadness is gnawing into my bones.
Well, I was temporarily fine the whole night because I decided to just game it all away.

I failed my first exam last afternoon, with only a score of 70%.
Needed another 10% to pass.
Ummm.. $ flying off.
Retaking one exam is so expensive.


I’m back at work after taking 2 days off to study and attend my exam, but, I’ve got no mood to do anything.
Well, of course I have to do work.. not that I have much of a choice.
Messaged a friend who had taken the exam earlier.
Not that he could give me any pointers either ’cause we pretty much studied the same way.

Maybe the reason why I can’t accept the reality of it is because everything else seemed so easy and I was so happy.
Not until I messed up one of the simulations and the simulations contain the most marks.
I couldn’t get it right.. I knew I couldn’t, but, couldn’t leave the 4 sub-questions blank.
I was like.. “you have GOT to be kidding me” while trying to figure it out.

I feel so… dead. 😦


6 thoughts on “Gnawing Sadness

  1. Can you do a re take? I failed most of my exams the first time round, I made sure I didn’t the second lol Exams suck!!

  2. Hang in there! You can do it. I once failed college algebra twice before it finally clicked. I’ve since made the President’s List with my GPA. “NEVER GIVE UP, TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS!” – Peppy (Star Fox 64)


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