New Toys

My (hopefully >_<) soon-to-be direct boss was asking me if I’ve received an emergency response kit from our HQ yet, ’cause everyone who has gone through an IT Emergency Response training gets a set.
Me.. no.. heard.. no.. such.. thing.
Told him that it’s probably taken in by the Humanitarian team if it was sent to this office.
I hit right at the mark.
First thing I said when I went up to the manager was “You’ve got some toys that you’ve been keeping to yourself!”

That’s just me.
I call all my equipment “toys” and the network system, etc my “playground”.

After showing me some of the stuff, we agreed upon to spare a day to get things ready and test all the EQ and a day to train the others who need to learn or for a refresher course.
He asked if I was up for that.
I’ve been waiting for this for some time now.

Woo hoo!
New toys!!!!



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