Before I go any further, although my char is only at lvl 44, I’d like to thank these guys for helping me!

Roxas13 and Skyemax.
You guys popped out of nowhere and helped this Noel level whenever she needed help with dungeon quests.
Thank you!!!! ❤

There are actually other guys who would randomly help too.
ArrowFrenzy, Aerysse, sNoWLoRD, Fzeo… oh shoot.. I wish I had written them all down.

I know this might not seem much, but, I do appreciate it!
All my friends from the first batch (before I quit in Feb) have long gone and playing alone wasn’t much fun at all.
But, you guys rock! ❤

I guess.. the very reason why I’m still playing is because of all this.
The community feels much smaller, yet, so far, all I’ve met are really sweet peeps.

Stay awesome, guys.



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