Alter Job Change – Soul Maker

Ok.. now that your Alter has reached level 25, let’s do the job change quest!!!

It’s pretty straight-forward, so, I doubt you’d get lost for this quest.



Buy a Prontera teleport scroll from any Kafra Service lady.
Head back to Prontera and hop over to the centre to meet Kafra Einsope where you’d usually go for your Auctioning.

Move up north of the map to obtain the next portion of the quest.
You’ll be greeted with two cute Noels, Darkness Listener Hugheyne and Legion of Blue Moonlight.

If you love dancing in the moonlight, talk to the brooding Legion of Blue Moonlight!
Hahaha.. ok.. he’ll help you convert to a Crecentia.


If you’d prefer to communicate with the spirits, then talk to the lively Darkness Listener Hugheyne.
She’d assist you in becoming a Soul Maker.



Since I choose my first Noel to be a Soul Maker, I’ll be choosing the pretty little lady.

After accepting it, you will be transported to the Name Whispering Tree in Yggdrasil Garden, where you were first spawned in the world.
Hmmm.. not sure if I should even use the word “spawned”. lol~


Go ahead and talk to El Shima.

She explains that we have an other self called The Soul Stoneborn due to the contaminated magical power.

After the Day of Despair, we were freed from the contaminated power, but, could not get rid of it completely from our body.

So, it is kept away in a totem and young Noels would start to communicate with it as if it was their friend.





She then suggested you to talk to Cure Director Enyabin.

Talk to him and then he’ll let you befriend your other self.



Talk to your other self and answer a couple of his/her questions.


I am your darkness.

“I am your light.”


I am you.

“You are me.”


Our friendship is forever where ever we are.

“Friendship is our everything.”



You’re all done.


Talk again to Enyabin, who’d just tell you to care for yourself and your other self.



Talk to El Shima again and she will transport you back to Prontera.


Hugheyne will be waiting for you in Prontera.


Finish up the quest. Yes! It’s the end.

You’ll receive your weapon.


Click her again to change your class.



There you go.

Soul Makers get to carry a cute “stuffed animal” around with you!
So cuteeeeee!


And the way they Pew Pew mobs is sooooo cute!



Alrighty then.

Good luck, everyone~




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