RO2 Noel

I gave it a go last night.

The new race in RO2…the loli, Noel.
(Dragon Nest and Tera had Lolis amongst their other races too.)
I wrote a little synopsis on it last week.

If you’re unable to find the password to unlock the 4GB patch, it’s noelro2rox.

Was greeted to a story about Noels who fought alongside the humans in a war.
But, with a power so great, they were cursed to become demons and started to stay away from the humans.
Then, came a beacon of hope, where the darkness could be contained and they began to walk side by side with the humans once again.
But, because of the curse’s effects, with horns and a devil tail, they became smaller in size .
(From the visual, they used to look like a normal human being in the beginning.)

Unfortunately, for the rest of the journey, everything was spoken in Korean.
So, all I could do was go with the flow.

Their world, the Garden of Yggdrasil is truly.. beautiful, although, small.

It exits out to East Mt Mjolnir, which in the map of Noel’s starting point, is called the Eastern District of Myoreunil.

The first batch of Noel-based armor/weapons sold are found in Bouquet Town.

It’s been ages since I logged in to RO2 and found lots of stuff in my Kafra section.
One of which was the Return Package.
I still have a 7-day tiger from back when the mount was first implemented! lol~
Since, this is a one-off thing, I might as well use this.

I regret opening it, for a sec, afterwards.
Because there was NO Noel weapon in sight for both the Pandora Weapon Box and Imitation Epic Weapon box!
Oh well, who cares. >_<
The game was starting to boot everyone out every few minutes by the time it was around 9+ at night.

Noels have Stigma, as stated “Inflicts additional damage when using skills with Stigma“.
Going up to a max of 5 points.
No idea how it goes up or when it will be cancelled, but, I’ll see how it goes and update you, if I do continue playing, that is. 😛

By the time I reached level 10, I knocked off.
Not because it pissed me off that the game crashed for everyone constantly.
Not because my Khara was bugged because of the first dc and the wind potion and butterfly wing Khara quests went back to 0!
Not because.. oh wait.. I do love the sound of “안녕 (An nyoung)”.. hah.. nvm about that portion.
Not because the game was not smooth at all.. knowing it wasn’t the lag.. but a graphics problem of some sort.
Not because the server is practically empty and people are still continuously hating Asiasoft in FB and saying they would quit and whatnot.. oh stop whining.. you can quit whenever you wish.. I left too and just came in only to try the Noel for the fun of it.
But, because I was falling asleep on my laptop. Trollololol~

Well, let’s see if I have the mood to carry on playing this Noel.


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