So many things happened at work this week.
Too tired to do anything once I got home.
Disappointed for a couple reasons.
Not sure how things will work out, but, I’m way too tired mentally to handle all these.
As I need what’s left of my mental energy to study for my first exam in 2 weeks time.

Nothing positive except for… yesterday.I had dinner at a nearby place after work.
Had this soupy noodle dish.. no idea what it’s called.
Then a little blonde girl, (from the table beside mine) probably around 5 or 6 years of age…
Walked around in front of me and was curious of what I was eating.
Her mom was handling her hyperactive younger brother, talking with 2 other foreign ladies..
In simple English.. all of them probably only speak in their own languages but English was something they could compromise on.
Can’t help but overheard the portion that they came here for a while because their husbands are working here under contract.
In some ways… lucky them.

Anyway, since I was alone, I had to walk to the counter and find another seat to buy my dessert afterwards.
Was craving for something sweet, so, I had ice cream waffles.
The little girl actually came by my table and smiled at me while looking at what I was doing.
I was already sitting at the table at the back of her’s.
I smiled and she smiled and walked shyly off.

I bet it’s her first time to come to Asia to stay and is curious about a lot of things.

Oh yeah.. I saw the elderly couple.. where the old man would slowly push his wife’s wheelchair around.
Gawd.. I don’t know why I always tear up when I see them.
Not sad.
It’s too sweet.





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