Where is the Pride Asians? – Cont.

This is based on…

Asia’s ideal beauty: Looking Caucasian


Where is the Pride Asians?


Actually, it may be true that most East Asians have slanted or single-eyelid..
The rest of Asia.. well, since I’m from South-East Asia, I’ll tell you one thing non-Asians has forgotten about.
A lot of us from here have features that East Asians want to have.
I’m not saying that we’re perfect in any way either.
But, we aren’t Caucasians.

Have you forgotten that we’re made up of other races as well?
Although with some similar features of being smaller in size compared to Caucasians/Europeans, for example.



By the way, if you do not already know.
Singapore is a multiracial country made up of Chinese, Malay, Indian and Caucasians.
Since way before my grandparents’ time, people from neighboring countries as well as those as far as India came to Singapore to call home.
My grandparents and their relatives jumped in the bandwagon as well.

I’ll have to start generalizing from here forth.. so, sorry.. keeping in mind that this will be about the larger population.

I’m 1/4 Malay.
Although, I do not have relatives in Malaysia itself.
A lot of them have gorgeous features, big eyes with double eyelids and tend to have darker skin.

I’m 1/2 Indo.
I’ve visited my late great grandma in a village in West Sumatra, Indonesia a couple of times when she was still around.
Now, I’d say that Indo people are even more gorgeous.
They have snow-white skin, even bigger eyes and sharper nose.. oh.. couple that with black ebony hair.. I’d call a lot of Indo girls Snow White if I could. >_<

I’m 1/8 Chinese.
You can finally say that this portion is of East Asia.
What I like about Chinese features?
I actually do like the single-eyelid feature and stick-straight hair… it’s unique.
I’ve said before that when I was younger, I had big round eyes and with a dark tan.
I got so frustrated because the people around me made fun of me being dark and skinny.
So, I went on a dumb self-project of pulling my eyes in hope of having slanted and one-eyelid eyes!
Because the lesser population was actually being looked down upon back in those days.
Racism? Truthfully? Yes.

1/8 Arab.. but, well.. they’re way different in many terms..
My grandpa, some of my relatives and even my two brothers are way taller than an average South East Asian.
I’m short though. +_+

Who has the most awesome naturally beautiful features?
Hands down… followed by the Indonesians.



Therefore, I do not see why non-Asians were to say that East Asians want to look like Caucasians.
Then, you have not met the South East Asians.


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