The wind direction has changed and now the haze has moved further up towards Kuala Lumpur and Muar.
A state of emergency was declared when the PSI reading for them was 700!
Malaysians… please take care.
400 was already enough to make my eyes red and water, develop ulcers and very chapped lips and had difficulty to breathe.
700 is just.. crazy.

I don’t know what else to say.
Even if some of those slash-and-burn method on their farms belong to Singapore or Malaysia, it’s your country.
The Indonesia govt.. have your own say in the jurisdiction of your own land.
Those profiteers who started all these issues have such thick skins to not even flinch and allowing millions of people to live in distress for their own benefit.



Next topic…

I’ve been exchanging emails with the guy from South Sudan on the Peer Mentoring program I’m in.
I think that I’ve made the wrong choice in joining this!
God.. why?

Come on.. on the first few sessions, you’re supposed to be at the very least introducing yourselves and whatnot.
I barely know about Sudan, thus, I’ve asked questions about his country.
What he got back to me with?
A long list of problems he’s facing in his line of work!
I was taken aback.
I am not saying that I will not help.
But, one.. I know nothing about Sudan as a whole, their government, how their people live and work there, etc.
Two.. yes, I do have to work with HR and Logistics, but, to the point where it goes hand in hand with IT.
His issues are over my head.

I sense a broken bridge between him and his team or leaders.. yes.. I asked him about it.. but, he did not want to discuss over it.
From what I see, somehow.. I sense some corruption somewhere.. unless I’m being super negative about this.
I spoke to my HR about it.
She advised me to inform this program’s in-charge if I think that I am unable to handle the situation.

I’ll be on Skype with him next week.
Not sure if this is going to work out.
From what I’ve read.. although there is no certain objective to this program, individuals are free to set whatever target they agree to create.
Ok.. I don’t mind to the point of helping each other out in general issues.
But, I ain’t Aunt Agony.
And he doesn’t even seem to be addressing any of my questions.
I’ve got a feeling it’ll be all about him and this will be a one-sided conversation and discussion.

I won’t give this up yet.
But, if it does continue to work out this way, I don’t think it’s much of a choice on my end.
I have enough stress on my studies, other than my usual work.



Ok.. next topic.

Maybe it’s the stress on my studies.. that I’m starting to want to “run away”.
I feel tired of this job.
Don’t get me wrong.
I love IT.
It’s just that, I want to do something else too.
I want my own business.
But, I am nowhere near knowing what I want to build.
2 years back, I didn’t work for 4 months to plan and set up my own business, but, it didn’t work out.
But, 2 years back, I wasn’t on a plan as I am now.
My $ is on a route that I cannot replace with anything else.

Sometimes I wish I was different back then, that I would’ve thought of it and tried something.
Life was different back then.
I was in a war of my own self (and with my family) which needed to be dealt with first.

Why do I even have this notion?
That I wish my trait or blessing or skill or whatever people would call it wasn’t in IT.
I don’t hate it.
It just doesn’t feel like any of it is really benefiting me in the right way.

I do have another dream.. other than a start-up.
Doing events but not just any events.. but.. IT or gaming events.
Except that.. I have nano experience in that.

Oh.. one can dream.
Because right now, I have to, first of all, finish my exams.


Alright.. although I’m not sleepy at all.
I’ve got to try to get some shut-eye.




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