Journal Entry – Dragon’s Prophet – Part 2

And so… the journey of Icesabelle continues! =D


It all started with Ice getting caught by a weirdo.

Help mehhhhh~ I’ve been caught!!

Running free, she found a nice spot at the top of a hill to check on where she is (no she doesn’t have GPS).

Wait.. What is that?

Met an old-time friend; older than the oldest Man on earth, stronger than 10 men together, but, as gentle as a dove.

Just me, my bff and my old buddy!

Night fell and it was time to find a tavern to get some shut eye.

Isn’t the town just beautiful?

And this.. well..

This… reminds me of… Ironforge. Maybe ’cause of the circular mid.

Look of the town..


The tavern had a garden just at the front. Pweeeety flowers surrounding the place.

Me love plants <3.. wandering around at a flower shop

Another hot day… hard at work and needed to cool down. Even the water animation is really awesome. Now.. if only I can go in-game and have a swim in the untainted waters.

Needed to cool down after all the fire aoe… the water looks so inviting!

On the way to another town, I met up with a gf. Still as pretty as a flower. We lounged around while catching up on some girl talk.

Me and my gf ❤ She’s hawt~

Time flew by quickly. My boys decided to create a scene before the evening came to an end.

*One of the boss fights*

After some heated debate and a bloody fight, Ice flew all the way up to the highest point of the town and chilled.

A bird’s eye view

But, there wasn’t much time to stay there, as Ice had to move to the next location. Help was needed there.

Another small town. Pretty.

And this.. handsome dude.. is my future bf. =X

He said it’s fine to take a pix with him. >_< Holding my hand and walking in the moonlight~ *lol if you didn’t notice the icon on his head* /ss fail… dayum~ rofl

Upon reaching level 30…

Alright.. go ahead.. see what I’m wearing. Feels lousy.

And this is my RIDE!

Hop aboard!


2 thoughts on “Journal Entry – Dragon’s Prophet – Part 2

  1. Grats on 30. My char is almost 40 now. You will find that lvling is easier and faster now.
    Few days back i captured a lizard dragon and found out that it can be used as a underwater mount as well.


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