PSI @ 290

By 3pm, our Humanitarian director together with our security directors had circulated the news that we could work from home tomorrow, since the PSI had climbed up to 172.

Never has it hit this high in all these years.
The highest was probably less than 170.

I was already choking by evening.
Feeling a sore throat coming.
Sneezing as if it’s a norm.

Then, there it was, a reading for 9pm… PSI at 290.

Singapore might not have natural disasters, as she’s being protected by her fellow neighbouring countries.
But, we face with haze twice a year due to deforestation in Indonesia.
Yet, never this bad!

My eyes are a little watery and they sure feel irritated because the air feels dusty.
It’s really hot and dry!
Usually, it’s only hot and humid.

I can barely stand people smoking around me, what more acres of trees having a smoking party!!!!

Then again, forget about me.
I really need to buy air purifier for my grandma. 😦
She’s the only grandparent I have left.
Shucks.. why’d I have to be so emotionally sensitive.
I really need one for myself too, but, it’d be too expensive for me to buy two.

I can feel my nose feel irritated with a burning sensation.
Usually, I’d feel a sharp pain for long periods of time when I’m in a very dry and cold atmosphere (I really don’t know how I’d survive in a super cold country).
But, I think the air is to the point of being too dry for my nose right now.
Although, it’s only of a slight pain.
Why’d I have to be susceptible to being physically sensitive?


4 thoughts on “PSI @ 290

  1. Wow. Maybe you should start seeding the idea of a more long-term remote work solution. (E.g. pick a fun country {or three} with reliable data and a pristine environment — i.e. Iceland would be a cool option.)

    • Hi Ryan ^_^

      Uhhh.. I wish I could be elsewhere. I really do!!!!
      But, I can’t do remote work unless I change my job, which I don’t intend to do.. yet.
      Iceland? My nose will hurt insanely when I’m somewhere that’s lower than 18 degrees or non-humid.
      Somewhere more to the south, please! >_<
      I wouldn't mind somewhere in UK though, so, I can watch soccer all the time.. haha~ XD

      Well, yeah.. thanks for suggesting. =D


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