What’s all these…

As if I wasn’t already bogged down with different teams wanting me to join the leads.
Here comes another new project.
Peer mentoring program of some sort.

How do they even select the 8 global peeps to pilot this project?!!
Sure, I did see the list of how they select someone, but, how’d they choose one from each region?
How random can that be?
Either I’ve been doing too much or I’m clearly dumb enough not to lay low at the right time.
I choose infinite stupidity.
*mumbles to self*

Well, since, I’m going to do it, I might as well do it well.
I have no idea what to expect from this.
I just hope the person I’m assigned to can be on the same page as me.
What if he or she is much more ambitious as me?
Or boring? Or.. oh.. whatever.
Just not used to these kind of things.
Let’s get the ball rolling.. rolling.. rolling

Tell me what ya gonna do now
Breathe in, now breathe out
Hands up now hands down
Back up, back up
Tell me what ya gonna do now
Keep rollin’, rollin’, rollin’, rollin’



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