Meow~ *cough*

It’s been hazy, since, a few days back.
I know.. I’ve whined about it last week.

But, it got so bad last night that I woke up in the middle of the night coughing and choking a little.
The air was heavy although I had my fan blasting at top speed.
It was as if someone was smoking right beside me.
I’m sorry, but, I don’t like people smoking near me.. I can’t stand it.
I’ll become a little breathless.

Unfortunately for me, at times, my neighbour would smoke at the window and I’d be inhaling bad air and “choking” in my room.
I never do know which of my neighbour though.

I reached work with my hair smelling like I’ve just got back from a BBQ!
Ahh.. haha~


I’ve got 5 cats at home.
Well, I only like the 2 kittens and this one.
This pretty lady is named Cutesy!

She was picked up by my older bro from loitering around our block.
She was always with my bro until he left us to live with his wife straight after he got married.
Without much of a choice, she chose me to hang out with after that.
I’m the second choice… oh well~
My younger sis was the one who picked up the 2 kittens, so, they would stick to her most of the time.
Unless, they get bored and would aimlessly wander in to my room.

Also, I bought a new pair of glasses yesterday!
It’s been.. what?!!… 12 years since I last wore glasses full-time?

As a pure born nerd, I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 8.
I traded them for contacts after I went to college to take my diploma.
My degree is pretty high at 700 for each side… so.. I’m as blind as a bat as soon as I take these contacts/glasses off.
Ok.. blind is just exaggerating.

That is the exact replica (in the first photo >.<) as my FIRST pair of glasses!!!!!
Back when I was 8, with my tiny face, those things covered half my face!

Plus, they looked so nerdy that I was made fun of.
Well, okay…

I was bullied since I was in kindergarten until I was 14 or so.. by different people as I transitioned to different schools!
The life of a quiet and nerdy girl.
Always with my long school uniform skirt, nerdy glasses and hair tied slicked back in a ponytail.

So, I got really sad and asked my dad if I could get “cooler” glasses, but, my dad said he didn’t have enough money, so, I made do with it.
Oh well~
I turned out fine in the end… hummm… I think.
No way that I’m fine.. nothing is ever fine.

One word. Weird.
But, loving it.



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