First take on Dragon’s Prophet

Alrighty then…
I’m just trying this game out.. so.. don’t mind my noobness >_<


The first boss that I got to kill. YAY!


My second dragon. I’ll show you my first and fave in a while.


What can be more awesome than having the Fire element work hand in hand with Ice? Frozen burning DOT AOE!!!


People ordering food from meeeeee~ So, what would you like for today?


Ain’t nobody got time for that!! (*press F to use the stove*)


Even the towns are enchanting by themselves.


Lookie hereie.. what do we have here? This little guy (Wet Hoof Treasurehunter) reminds me of the Treasure Pygmy in Diablo 3!!! He does drop gold whenever I hit him… then.. he said no one can catch him and poof… disappears.


And my dears… this is my beloved gorgeous fave dragon. I caught 2 more, but, this guy beats them all in terms of damage and beauty. Ahhh~ ❤ Enjoying a date under the moonlight. Tee hee~


Keeping warm near a bonfire in a lonely cold night. >_<



So far, the game is pretty nice.
Nothing super fascinating.
The mini random events do remind me of Rift. I loved that. Unfortunately, probably due to the starting point, there’s no one around to join in the fun, except having your pet dragon fighting alongside.
*forever alone* lol
I really really really love the fact that you can just fly wherever and whenever you want to!
I’ll just randomly fly into caves and jump about.. annoying the mobs who try to get me.. boo! you can’t get me! +_+
Until one finally hits me.. I drop.. and would have to teleport out of there quickly. -.-”
My first char is a warrior, but, I got tired of standing in front chopping my way through.
So, I created this pretty green-haired little girl and loving her.
Beautiful graphics.. ahhh.. I’m going crazy over wanting to see every crook and cranny of this breathtaking world.
I love the music scores! Enchanting. Definitely delightful. I can sit all day listening to the background music while exploring places.

I do wonder how the end-game goes, but, until then, I’ll waltz through and take my time absorbing the sceneries. ❤


4 thoughts on “First take on Dragon’s Prophet

  1. Grats on your new dragon and u lvl fast. I took almost a week to lvl 1-20 . I too play a sorc on Lysaia server, her name is “pegwyn” she’s lvl 36 now. Once u reach 30ish sorcs get more powerful. 30’s zone has lot more ppl than newbe zone.
    Too bad the dungeon party search is broken so not easy to find party for dungeon.
    I really like how all the zones are big u could just fly around killing random bosses, do public events, chopping wood or mining ores.

    • Oh nooeesss +_+ I thought I was already really slow at leveling. But, from the videos I saw online, chars don’t get new skills, other than upgraded traits. Pretty different in that sense. Not sure if that itself will bore me soon enough.. not much of a combo.

      Yup yup!!! I love flying around.. that’s awesomely fun.. but, I enjoy catching dragons and seeing which ones are nice to keep. Reminds me of pokemon! lol~

  2. you do get new skills, when u put points in mastery. Press “N” and see. The more points u put in charisma the more longer the dragon stays as pet and u can catch dragon easier also.
    They have some good sorc guides in Dragon Prophet Europe forums.

    • Hmmm.. lol.. I called them traits earlier. >_< The one that adds heal to the def buff is rly useful.. life shield?.. keeps me alive all the time.

      I haven't read forums, etc but so far I've been killing swiftly with 2 int + 1 chari and max "intel aria". No def or extra health needed thanks to the awesome def buff+heal with freeze (either frost or zero depending on how far I'm from the mob) or tornado and then tele combo. Tank dragon when I aoe a few mobs at a time to stun or dmg dragon when I do 1 on 1 or alt dragons on boss. Or when I need to pull mobs slowly, sometimes, it’s best to have no dragon at all.

      The skill rotation is very mundane except for boss fights. Maybe there are experienced players who’d have their own combos.. but, anyway this is just the beginning. More to explore! @_@ Thinking of restating next time.. armor penetration and crits is anyone’s best friend. Not now.. maybe at end-game.


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