Asians… pfft

I don’t mind people stereotyping or is ignorant towards Asians.
I’m probably a typical example of one.



But, I hope they do know that Asia =/= only East Asia.
Which simply means, that single eyelid slanted eyed smart-ass Asian is from China, Japan, Korea, etc.
Although, in most context, they are referring to that section of the globe.



I created this a while ago.



But… No…

  • My parents never demanded an A for any of my subjects from Primary School all the way to obtaining my Bachelor Degree.
  • They did not enforce a rule of needing to be in a certain profession (*coughs* doctor or engineer *coughs*).
  • I do not like Maths one bit.. well, ok.. I confess.. I did.. BUT, for 2 years because I had an awesome Maths teacher. But, apart from that period, I hate Maths and am not that good in it.
  • I did not really have slanted eyes or fair skin when I was in Primary and Secondary School.. but, I actually wanted to because when I was young, being a non-Chinese or dark-skinned (I was super tanned when I was young because I went swimming or running in the afternoon nearly every other day) meant being bullied… so, I actually pulled my eyes whenever I remember to (roflmao.. what was I thinking -.-“)
  • I do not have a “single eyelid” or “small slit eyes”. I’m of a mixed race of Malay, Chinese, Banjarese, Minang and Arab. (Also, not all Chinese have single eyelids.)
  • I do not know Karate.. but, I did Silat for 2 years (was it 3? I can’t remember). It’s a Malay form of Martial Art.
  • I do not only eat rice.. but, it is our staple food.
  • I do not have a Hello Kitty obsession. Let me emphasize that I HATE HELLO KITTY. I do not understand what’s so fascinating about those mouth-less creatures.
  • I do not speak ching chang chong. I can only speak English, Bahasa Melayu and Bahasa Indonesia. Only limited to understanding simple stuff, but, not speaking in Mandarin and Japanese. I can read and write, but, not speak or understand Arab. Weird me.
  • I do not abuse or eat dogs/cats/whatever other animals. There was once when my house had 2 birds, a rabbit, a cat, a pond of fishes and a terrapin. We only have 5 cats now. This part of Asia frowns upon eating those animals.. please.. they’re our pets. +_+

But, Yes…

  • I do play 2 musical instruments, keyboard and flute,  but, not excel in them, because, I didn’t want to pursue music.
  • I was very competitive in sprinting and long-distance running and would go swimming and cycling whenever I could (thus, explains my instant forever tanned self), but, I didn’t want to pursue sports as well.
  • My mum is strict, on many levels.
  • I watch Anime, but, not to the point whereby that is all that I do. In fact, I’ve only been watching 3 ongoing Anime titles lately (nothing good this season).


Whatever else that I do, is basically, on my own accord and choice.
To game or be in IT or taking weird selfies that I rarely, but, do upload once in a while.

Cheers~ ^_^



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