Win 8 F555555555555

I always leave my laptop running overnight and turn it off when I go out for work.
This morning was no different.
But, I saw something at the corner of my screen.
“Windows update will auto re-start my pc in 2 days.”

I might as well restart it right now.
Bad move… “/sigh” to the power of infinity!

BSOD 21A made me uber alert this morning.

I wanted to get ready for work and not waste my time dwindling on this issue.
So, I gave up in an instant and chose the Win 8 Refresh function.

My beloved bf hasn’t given me any problems for the past 6 months.
But, choked after the last update and mentally died.
Had to use a defibrillator to make his brain workable again.

Luckily, I didn’t install much in my pc.
Didn’t need to install back the unplayed games.
I’ll install my Photoshop and MS Office later.. too lazy to do so.


Talking about Windows 8.
A few peeps (yes.. I call the highest ranked directors that too) at work were asking me about any plans in implementing Win 8 for work.
I’m like… How about…. NO!

I’m fine with it being used for personal workstations.
But, work?
Not now.
Let’s see how’s MS’ next version is.
Actually, Win 8 is just a fancy schmancy version of Win 7.
Thing is, I know most of the users “inside out”, predict how they’d react and whatnot, therefore, I would keep this version away from them.


I need to start studying.



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