Shooting Lasers

I log in to here more than I’d ever log in to any other website.
Don’t even start on FB.



Not sure what kind of craving or stress I was having just now.

But, I sure walked from Orchard Road all the way to City Hall to Marina Bay to Raffles Place.
It’s been so long since I walked via my fave route.
I can walk anywhere and anytime.
I just enjoy walking a lot.
Day or night.

This evening was a really nice one.
Good weather… breezy and calm.
Enjoying the serenity of the evening and night.
The skypark shooting lasers.. lawl~


I remember walking a whole lot when I was working at Raffles Place.
I’d take 2 hours off for lunch, an hour for breakfast and teatime.
I’ve always believed that it’s more to quality of work than the quantity of time spent (foolishly).
Always get the job done and usually, finish pretty quick, so, I’d reward myself on food and walking around.

I’ve heard of the complaints made about smokers getting more break time.
Well, sure, they do.
I do too, break time that is.
It’s pretty much self-declared.
And if someone had a problem with it… well.. I never did know if anyone had a problem with me… hmmm… maybe I was ignorant.
Do I have an “attitude” by doing so?

Life wasn’t always smooth sailing anyway.
I’d always… ALWAYS… go through a trauma when I first joined a company (I job hopped a lot back then, so, I’ve been in a lot of companies).
Got a little insane because I always take things too seriously and people seem to pick on me.
I’d feel like giving up and cry in the workplace washroom as though I was under depression of some sort.
Then, would shut myself up and finally become insignificantly ignorant towards people who piss me off.
By then, I’d ignore those who’d give me a hard time and they’d just be nicer to me after that.

Why I always go through that stage without fail… I don’t know.
Expectancy of something?


Nightzzz… Gonna roll around.. a little lethargic from all that walking.



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