*sad music playing in the background of my mind*
I should be one to understand how they feel.

There are actually 5 different departments under my current boss’ department.
There’s Award Management, Operations Support, Program Support, Logistics and IT.Our boss is the Regional Director for Program Operations and is leaving our organisation next month.
The guy from Program Support is moving back to his country in Europe in 2 months time and working under that country office.
I’ll be working directly under HQ by next year (hopefully) – I want my salary in pounds please!!! Hah! As if! *dreams on*

So, now, Awards and Logistics are homeless, because, there’s a huge possibility that they will not hire anyone to take over my current boss’ spot.
Operations will have another place elsewhere.
They’re not happy with being placed under other departments.
I can see how upset they were when we had our monthly meeting just now.
Although, I was sleepy and half-dead during the meeting.
Not understanding a word they were saying because, seriously, their jargon isn’t something I can or even want to comprehend.

My boss was looking a little under the weather, probably partly because of his sick son..
Partly because he felt bad for our family members having to separate after him leaving.
You can just see it in his face and hear from his voice.
We knew he tried to his best and even with his one month left here, he’s still pushing to get all of us where we should be.
Any other people would’ve washed their hands clean during the last few weeks or months.
If he didn’t help me with mine, I would’ve been homeless too!


I feel so sad for them.



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