Give upppp


I don’t think I can garner as much votes as the top 2 entries.
They already have 400+ votes each!!!!
Mine is only an eighth of theirs.

Oh well~

That’s the least of my worries.



Why did I even book my first exam on the 3rd week of this month?!!
How dumb can I be? (extremely ignorantly stupid… I guess)

There’s an event this and next week.
Everyone wants to hog me with their stuff.

On top of me volunteering myself to join the regional IT research team every week…
I have got to remind myself why I joined that team!

On top of the regional countries requesting me to help on stuff.
Why? Why of all time?

It’s either paying another 200++ bucks for a re-test because I’m predicting a fail.
Or 30 bucks to re-schedule it.
Or… find time in the midst of all that and study.
I’m so dead.

I can’t concentrate because there’s one more thing on my mind.
Some personal things.

White flag~


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