A Request – the readers

Hi guys and girls!

I’m feeling embarrassed for asking from random strangers. (#/。\#)

But, I would be soooooo happy and appreciative, if you do have 5 minutes or so to spare, to vote for my Avatar Star character!
You would need a Facebook account should you decide to help vote though.


Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck: VOTING LINK

Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck : “There was a time when we ceased to be Human and became beasts. And then in becoming Arrancar, we regained our capacity for reason. One who possesses reason should require a reason to fight.”



I don’t think it’s possible to see who voted, but, if you do want me to know you’re one of them, feel free to drop me a message!!

Thank you so much, in advance!
Well, now it all comes down to luck.


2 thoughts on “A Request – the readers


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