Caffeine Overdose


Uhh.. nah.. I didn’t do that.
Much less even drink any of those.

But, I was so sleepy and tired this morning that I was literally dragging my feet and legs to move.
Ok.. my bad..
I slept at 2am+ playing Avatar Star with the guys.
It’s my current obsession.
“Current” because it might fade away anytime soon.
Just that.. I’m afraid that the guys will “kick” me out of the team if my skills aren’t up to par with theirs.

My colleagues were asking me if I was sick… looking at me being so weak and whatnot.
My voice was very soft no matter how loud I try to talk.
But, I managed to just say I’m sleepy.

I’ve not been so energized by gaming for a long time.
Maybe I’ve been so frustrated at so many things and “given up” on some things that this seems so endearingly enjoyable.

How I wouldn’t even flinch at the thought of gaming of anything for years.
That I even need to justify to myself on why this makes me feel better in many ways.


I need to buy a new mouse.
Been a while since I bought a really good one.
One with better DPI and control.
Something that fits my hand like a glove.
Not too heavy, but, not too light… with weights? Hmm…
Maybe I’ll buy a Steel Series this time round.
Kana seems nice.

Alrighty then…
I’ll be buying one soon.



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