Blasting Trance

I am in the mood for listening to some trance, house and dance!
Blasting it on my headphones while playing AS.
Feeling really moody right now.


I think I’m going to step back at work.
With so much going on and failing to get what I want, I give up.
I know that I’ve been telling myself to mold my own future even if the doors are slamming in my face.
But, with my boss leaving and me going to be “homeless” or pushed to another department I don’t want to work under, I’m so fed up with it all.
I guess I’ll just concentrate on getting my certification and see what’s out there.
One more class to go before I’ll find some time to study and take the exams.
My heart still wants to be part of the humanitarian team, but, if fate really doesn’t want me there, then, I think I’m ready to hold the white flag.
So much issues going on and getting me down that, the little projects of designing on SharePoint actually makes me happy.
I guess that’s the only thing that’s making me a little happy nowadays.
Anyway, why did they choose our Regional IT meeting to be held in July?
I want to be fasting on that month and not skip it and travel abroad.


There’re so many things that I want to say to release my frustration, but, I think that my raging hormones are causing me to be emo right now.
Not exactly the right time to say much because most of it will probably sound really negative even if I don’t want it to.

Really need a great game to take my mind off reality for a while.



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