Evil Dead

I am not a fan of (Asian) horror genre.
Let’s just say that experiencing it first hand in real life is a good reason not to be one.


But the guys wanted to watch Evil Dead.
Since it’s an English horror movie.. I just went along with it.
Some of the younger guys who were under 21 joined in and got pass the entrance.
Hummm… I’m old… but I’m already traumatized by the bloodied gore.
Great. It’s just that I feel super queasy when I see blood.
While the guys were laughing off the whole thing.

I’d give the movie a 50/50.
Lots of stupidity roving around.
The feeling of.. “ok.. the movie’s doesn’t feel like it’s quite over yet”.
Shocking but expected sound effects.
It’s not totally boring.. but, it isn’t really that great either.



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