I may not be a Malaysian, but I feel their pain from the corruption on yesterday’s GE.

Simply because our “woof woof” have the same amount of slyness.

Wish what goes around comes around soon. That their greed will swallow them up together with their pride, authoritative attitude and lies. Just because these old farts want to live a “good” life for themselves, they’d sacrifice the future of the upcoming generations. Maybe it’s time for you guys to drop by the graves that you’ve been digging for yourselves.

Gosh… in some ways I feel ashamed of myself for saying that way, but, the anger that has been accumulated over the years is eating up my patience.


The community should not be afraid of the government. If all were to leave the plank that has been balancing the other end that holds the weight of the corrupted group off the tip of a cliff, that corrupted group will drop.

… Except that… the votes have to be honest ones.




One thought on “Corruption


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