I am exhausted…
It’s only the end of Tuesday!
3 more days of “torture” to go.



My lecturer for the first part (five-“8am to 7pm”-days) of the certification course is a killer.
We’re being drilled down and he is wringing us dry.
I thought the class had more students, but, there’s only 3 of us.
I do know that my night classes for the second part is already fully booked.

Since the first day and for the days after, we will start the day with a test in the morning.
After lunch, there would be a quiz on something we’ve just learned in the morning!
We’re given course work for the night and pass it up the next day… which, takes so long to finish.
Still need to revise for the next morning’s test.. whatever it’s supposed to be.
I’m at a disadvantage for the afternoon quiz because…
One: My memory is horrible.. I need a few hours to remember the kind that was given in the tests so far. But, we don’t have the luxury of free time to do so.
Two: I need time to really understand a concept and for what I’ve just learned to really sink in.

There’s the practical work at the end of the day.. as long as we don’t finish it.. we can’t go back.
I’m doing something to do with networking, so, gotta do it right or gotta troubleshoot between the hardware and settings.
The other 2 guys are geniuses.
One seems to always get 90 and above for all his tests, quizzes and coursework.
The other who always have DOTA on youtube on this computer in class without a care, but, does work faster than the other genius and me put together.
I feel so left out and lagging behind.



What I’ve learned in the past was all being thrown back at me.
God help me!
My ex-boss from one of my past jobs (system integrator company) would probably laugh at me if I told him I’m taking this course.
We were supposed to catch up for lunch a few weeks back but I was bogged down with work.
I remember him giving me all the newly bought latest network equipment and telling me to set everything up by myself in a time frame.
At least, it didn’t feel so pressurizing as this one.. ’cause for this, I get marked down and shamed.
Literally shamed.
The lecturer pretty much would say to all of us that if so-and-so (whatever the question and answer he was talking about) got the point wrong…
We might as well don’t bother to go for the exams because we’re doomed to fail.
Ok… his words were “you deserve to fail if you don’t know this”.

I was frustrated every time he becomes so “negative”.
His words were so piercing that the one who loved watching games on his computer and didn’t do his first evening’s coursework/homework….
And came late to class.. with the lecturer who didn’t want to allow him to take the test gave him to do because the other genius said something to get him out of trouble.
Lo and behold.. he became more hardworking than the both of us.



He said that by the fourth day, we would’ve been able to do everything without looking at our books/notes.
Oh yeah… with this kind of “bootcamp”… even my lousy brain can’t help but remember.

In some ways, it’s good.
In other ways, I hate the moments when he would bring us down with his remarks.
Because it reminded me of a time when I would constantly fail my tests and exams for one subject that I hated so much eons back.
The teacher was so angry at me that she said in my face that I would fail my final year exam on that paper.
I got so upset and frustrated, but, never spoke a word to her, whilst she would always pick on me the whole of my final year.
It actually became my motivation to get back at her and showed her I passed with flying colors for that paper.. actually better compared to my other so-called better subjects.

If it was from the newer generation, I’d bet the teachers will get a set of scolding and talk back from their students.
I’m not one who would to talk back to the “elders”.. it’s the way I was brought up and what I believe in… so.. oh well.
Stating the facts in a discussion is a different thing… if you know how the situation is though.



Please let these few days pass by quickly!!!!!!



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