It’s been a while~



For the next few days since my last post, I’ve been out in the fields where it’s so hot, I’m super tanned right now.
It was rigorous training from 8.30 to 19.00.
90% practical in the open.
Because of the non-stop work, plus, going in and out of the sun, I fell sick on the last day (yesterday).
Still, I went for the final overview training that simulates an emergency situation.
Could only do whatever that I can from under the shade though.

I’d say those days were awesome!
Wish it was extended!
Yes.. I do.. although, I was super worn out from just after 5 days.
One of the guys said I should’ve taken Vit C because of the weather and these stuff will really tire anyone.
Carrying so many heavy equipment and setting everything up under the blazing hot sun for hours.
You’d have to be in the open if you need to use satellite stuff afterall.

The practical was so rigorous that I pretty much had memorized 80-90% of everything.
They gave a paper test yesterday at the end of practical simulation.
Ok.. maybe I’ve forgotten a few things.. but.. it’s pretty good that I finished it first.
mehhh.. first does not mean it’s all right.
But, I was already feeling too dizzy to read a question more than twice and think too much.

Talking about that, while the rest were busy doing their thing, I decided to sit near the equipment for my group… which was supposedly simulating the “airport”.
We were divided into 4 groups and later on connect all 4 networks from afar, phone and internet (using sat and wifi.. bla bla).
Someone was making jokes nearby that I didn’t look to the other side of me..
And one of the trainers “stole” our router.
Turned and saw him walking off with something under his shirt.
I asked the guys from the other side.. they didn’t even tell me that guy took it… GRRRRR~
Ran after him.
Caught up with him and he said…
I didn’t think you’d run after me and shouting that I stole something. Now, I can’t steal another equipment. But, you run very fast.
All I said was I’m a runner.. because my fever shot up and I was super dizzy afterwards.
He chose the wrong person to steal an item from.
I was always first or second in sprinting and long distance running whilst in school.



Overall, I think that most of them were awesome.
There were a small handful who I think are a bit annoying.
The ones who think that they know everything, but yet, indirectly asking you for an answer and for you to do it for them.
Then, all those people talk about is whether I have a degree or masters in computer science at hand.
I don’t!
I’ll admit it.. I don’t have any paper stating those words.

But, I’ll tell you what I’ve experienced first hand in most of my clients’ systems, problems and solutions, infrastructure and whatnot.
And I will not slide off if we were to sit for a practical together and see who knows more.
‘Cause it pisses me off that these people think that those theories will help them in reality, most of the time!

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t get certified.
I’m saying… don’t piss me off by showing off that you’re any more of a higher post or “experienced” because of your “qualifications”.

Then, there’s those who abide strongly in Male Chauvinism.
Ask me a question whether I can carry those heavy equipment by myself?
For one… I’ve carried xU servers and NAS in my days.
Still carry lots of equipment whilst in the office because I’m the only IT person there and it’s my job to do so alone.
I’m not going to whine about no one helping me on that.
It actually feels awesome to do it myself.
There’s another lady in my organization who’s also an IT officer and is also the only IT in the office.. one from Tajikistan.
So, there’s two of us!
Don’t judge someone just because, like me, extremely small in size.
Do I not have the right ways to compromise on the weight issues?

Luckily for me, there isn’t one who’s both at the same time!
Thank God!!!!




Luck has it that doing practical is the fastest way for me to learn and remember.
Give me lots of theory… although, I can catch quickly, it’ll take a long time to memorize.
Plus.. if you miss out a step or do something wrong, you’ll learn even quicker.. meaning.. you’ll remember those faults more than even those you’ve done right.

Do I still wish to be deployed out?
I’d love to!
But under the current circumstances in the office, I might still be on ad-hoc jobs rather than with the main.

Another great thing was learning the different cultures and how the countries they’re working in goes.
Although my organization goes out to all areas around the world, suburbs or not.. I’ve not talked to them on a one-to-one basis on a more “personal” scale.
Not personal.. personal.
I mean.. not more than just about work.
It could be about the politics and issues of the country.
Understanding their cultures.. how they live.. what they consume.. what they do other when they’re off work.

Dinners are usually on our own accord.
I’ve gone to dinners with different groups from the different countries.
But on one of the evenings, we formed a group of 2 Indonesians and 4 Afghans.
All of whom are from different organizations.
So, all of us were finding food that does not have pork and lard (meat and oil), since all of us are Muslims.
I am too, if you don’t already know.

As with a lot of people around the world, who have misconceptions about the reality of Afghanistan and the issues surrounding them..
A lot of it is to do with the government and the media that portrays what they want the outside world to believe in.
Well, being me, I don’t really like “fixed media” in newspapers and tvs.
They tend to bend towards being bias towards something.

Tell ya.. they’re probably one of the most happiest bunch I’ve joined in.
Apart from the jovial Pakistanis and Filipinos… the friendly Burmese.. the sweet and reserved Nepalese… the outgoing Bangladeshis.
I won’t be negative enough to say who were the ones that made my days horrible.
Also, in my understanding, a few people does not translate further to represent the rest of the population of their country.
So, even if the people I get to know of might be awesome or bad, but, the opposite might be so, elsewhere in their respective homeland.

Even so, I notice a trend of fellow country people sticking together.
Alright.. I feel lonely being the only one from Singapore… so I’m probably sulking over this to a redundant point.
But, some groups did not really want to mix much with the others.
They will talk if you approach them and they will approach you when you’re nearby.. so it may be because they’re shy.
Not really sure why exactly.
No.. it’s not wrong to be reserved and quiet.. that’s just who you are.. which is fine.
But, I meant by wanting to keep to themselves as much as possible.

I would’ve been a silent soloist if I was there as a young me of ages ago.
But, throughout my years, I’ve learned to speak up and be a little wee more rowdy than I should when I want to.
Depends on whether I can open up to you or not.
Also, working in a men’s territorial field, it taught me quite a lot of things.
Plus, being in a training, you want to maximize your time there as the very reason you’re there to learn about what you can.
It’s not always that you get the chance to mingle like so, right?




Woooo weeee… they placed a picture of me on one of the training days as their cover photo in FB.




6 thoughts on “XD

    • Thanks! 🙂

      My job scope is actually very wide. For the past year in this organisation.. I’ve been the Sys Admin (for local office and at regional asia level), programmer for a system (a project last year), web designer (intranet), write about IT stuff for my monthly internal IT newsletter (which the HQ would circulate internally globally), most probably will be doing database work this year.. not too sure about it yet, and since I’m back from this ICT Emergency Training, I’ve been hoping to join in my org’s deployment to countries in need. ❤

      • Biz dev? Why did you think so?

        It’s a technical deployment to set up IT systems on-the-go after, for example, a cut off from power and all forms of communication from a big earthquake. We would either be the first few teams to be deployed in the fields or help out whoever who’s to be sent out.

  1. Well cause you said organization deployment to countries… that could be biz dev too as in explore and develop business opportunities…anyway you make it it clear already.

    nothing else ! Just curious.


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