I feel like knocking my head on the wall.


Most of them were already at a nearby restaurant to eat dinner.
I was an hour late and the taxi driver didn’t have change for my large bill.
Luckily the taxi driver who stopped in front of us helped us on breaking it into half.
Apparently, the rest of the guys had to pay 650-800.
My taxi fare was only 500!
Then they said I looked like one of the locals.

It’s my second time coming to this country and somehow, people always speak to me in their native language.
When I went over to Myanmar last year, people thought I was local too.
Maybe I have a universal face.
At home, in Singapore, it’ll depend on how I dress up for the day and how tanned I am at the moment…
And my choice of hair style and colour.
I don’t know why.. but I like to be different all the time.
Sometimes, the locals think I’m Chinese, some think I’m Malay..
A lot of taxi drivers would think I’m not local.. I’d make them guess
And the range would go as far as Filipino and twice, Japanese.
Others would just straight up ask me are you Chinese or Malay?
I love laughing this off.
If I could speak all those languages, they’d probably think I’m local everywhere I go.


Anyway… back to the beginning.
Met up with the rest with another guy who was there for the training and a lady who was one of the organizers.
Upon reaching our destination, the main organizer guy stood up and shook the otherguy’s hand and they talked a while.
I was like.. wth.. then he actually just smiled when I wanted to shake his hand and said nothing.
Embarrassed for being ignored, the lady who was somewhere else came back to usher us to have dinner.
We talked and whatnot at one end of a long table.
Then the organizer came as I was halfway through my food.
Guess what?

He apologised and said “I wasn’t expecting a lady to join us”.
Hmmm.. okay.. maybe there wasn’t a section in the questionnaire, nor in my letter of application and resume did I mention that I was a girl.
Oh man… I feel like I’m sticking out like a sore thumb.

Not everyone is in IT though.
Some are from logistics and programs department.
Most are directly doing emergency work… whichever the department they’re in.
So, they did choose a variety of people with different degrees of skills and knowledge.
Now I know why my organisation’s Bangladesh office peeps wasn’t chosen.
2 from different org attended.
Not really sure if there were any other org that had as many of my org chosen.
Hummm… anyway…
Hopefully, it’ll be a great week.



Oh yeah.. this is my saviour.
Some hotels don’t allow you to plug in your cables.

I brought my own cat6 cable.
The wireless connection actually sucks.



Alright, time for bed.



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