The Last Threshold

The last book to Salvatore’s Neverwinter 4-part series is outtttt!

Unfolding the series of his other books on the awesome drow named Drizzt Do’Urden.
I’ve only 2 sets of his books, which you’ve probably seen in my “about” section.
Don’t think I’ll be buying the physical books this time.
I’m gonna get the ebook and read it on my ipad mini!



I’ve been reading stuff on mobile rather than physical book.
Actually, the first time I read an ebook was more than a year before the movie of The Hunger Games came out.
Got the trilogy and read it in a couple of days.

It’s kind of handy.
I mean.. it’s less bulky, that’s for sure.
When I’m travelling on the public transport, I can easily take out my (back then I had the) ipod touch.
Light and slim.

Then again.. I’m tempted to buy the books afterwards.. just for keepsake.
Arghhh.. help meeehhhh.. my addiction to collect stuff is too stronggggggg…


I’ve heard some people prefer audio books.. so they could kill 2 birds with one stone.
You know.. for example.. maybe.. go jogging and listen to a story at the same time.
It’s not like listening to a narration without visual aid..
Like watching the starting of a movie without anyone speaking and the narrator telling you an introduction of some sort.
It feels totally different.
Anyway.. it’s not my cup of tea.

Alrighty then… gotta do my laundry.
Nothing much to update this week.. that’s for sure.



8 thoughts on “The Last Threshold

    • Old-school all the way, huh? ^_^
      The reason why an e-book won my heart over years of reading a physical one is because except for when I’m home, I carry a small bag around which is already bulked up with girls necessities.. I’m still a girl after all.
      Thus, something small is needed to be stored in my bag on the go. XD

      Guess I’m the opposite of you.. I want to go go go and get to every crook and cranny of the story non-stop, although, time will not permit so.
      Maybe I can read very quickly.. what most people say “scanning through”, but is already registered and contemplated over in the brain really fast.
      The kind where I take half the time of normal people take to read one paragraph thingy.
      It doesn’t mean that I comprehend or enjoy it any lesser than those who take their time to do the same thing.
      Just how the way my brain works. >_<
      Not sure about other people, but, as I read, there'd be like a movie at the top of my head, playing out the story.
      Be so immersed in it that I don't want to be hanged halfway and feeling tied up over "what's gonna happen next".

      But, people are unique and prefer different ways of doing things.
      Most importantly is that you enjoy the book! =D

      • = ) I cant tell much about that now, but i got a feeling at some point you will discover the beauty of slow down and have patience to expect things coming at it’s own pace…

      • I’m sure I will. ^_^

        I do notice that about me and the very reason why I look up to my seniors is points like these that differentiate us in one big gap.
        When the time comes, I’ll be able to grasp it without even trying.
        Used to be even more impatient than I am right now, but you know.. life experiences.

      • Nope I got the Nook Tablet last yr. But so wasted cos soon aft that Nook HD came out. I got the Tablet cos I wanted to read certain ebooks in color. Like magazines and some kid books as well. Shouldve waited for HD! Haha

      • Can always sell it and buy a newer version. 😛 Although, technically, you’re losing more money. Anyway, just enjoy what you have for now. 🙂


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