Ka-bump.. ka-bump

The sound of my heart goes ka-bump.. ka-bump..

I’m excited!
4 days before heading to the training.
It’ll be network incentive.
Okay.. there’ll be other stuff like security and comm tech and whatnot too.
My head is probably going to exploooooooooode.. ka-ba-booooommm~
Hah! I think I’m a little loony right now.

Was in a blur mode today.
What they’d call “blur like sotong”.
Forgot this and that.. going all blank and not thinking straight.

Was talking to the Senior IT Manager for our Bangladesh office a couple of days back.
Gave me sad news about 2 of the staff who he nominated and did not get through.
/sigh.. I was about to say someone could take over my place but I’ve promised myself to do this for some time already.
Apparently, 5.. inc me.. of the 25 who are chosen are from my organisation.
Not sure how they chose the people for this training, but, we had to apply for it.
I’ve only spoken to the Senior IT Manager from Philippines a few weeks back… a jolly happy-go-lucky guy.
I was pretty close to Nepal’s IT Manager’s wife when all of us met up last year… sweet sweet couple.
Have not spoken to the other two.. from Afghanistan and Pakistan.. one of them isn’t a manager though.
They can nominate anyone they want to.
Like moi.. Nominated myself and I am definitely not a manager. (=^-ω-^=)

Oh well~

Arrniiieeewayyy… I don’t think I want to talk any further..
Been pulled everywhere the whole of this week as well.. I know.. I know.. part of my job.
Just did half of my packing.. ’cause I was just checking what I needed to buy.
I’m exhausted!!!

Good nightzzzzzzzzz…



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