Mirror Mirror on the wall.. who’s the fairest of them all

I rarely watch tv.
But when I do, I get to see lots of crappy ads that makes me feel like I’ve just wasted a few minutes of my life.
It’s pretty normal to see at least one ad on fairness products.
I’m a little too lazy to talk further about the skin deep issue between Asians and their obsessive need to be fair in skin colour.
Google on and I’m sure you’d find your answers for that fact. >_<

I was part of that team as well.
Probably because I can tan really quickly.
At one point in time, when I used to go swimming every other day, I was as brown as milk chocolate.
People actually made fun of my skin colour!
Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to laugh it off at that time because I was reaching my teenage years.
You know how it is for pre-teens and all the way through teenage years.
I’m not going to start talking about racism in Singapore plainly because I’m too lazy to talk about it today.
Not sure whether I wrote about it before… /shrugs

So, when I saw another ad about a whitening product last night…
Stared at the pretty white-skinned Ang Moh…
The first thing that struck me was.. she IS a white skinned lady!
How much fairer can she be?
Then second thing was… are the Asians trying to be from yellow to white?
Third things was… the product was specifically for the FACE.
How’d you to bleach your neck downwards for the colour to blend well, if your face did become even one shade fairer?
I’m like.. this is a real FAIL.

Its not to whiten your skin, but to lighten and evens out the skin tone (the patches of pigmentation or any other imperfections) on your skin.

Hmmm.. although… I might be jealous with those korean people (guy or girl) with “pore-less” smooth normal-skinned (neither oily nor dry skin) perfection even when I watch HD tv.. compared to other races… I said HD TV.. where I see too much imperfections that I don’t even want to see!!!!
I’m unfortunate enough to have very oily and sensitive skin with lots of constant breakouts.
But.. oh well.. it’s in the genes.

Those ads really do make me feel like I’ve lost a few minutes of my life.



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