Busy.. sick

Been busy with work and sick lately.
So.. that pretty much sums up the reason to why I haven’t been blogging.



Today was no less eventful.
Followed 2 of my directors with one of the secretaries to buy one of their smart phone.
Just ’cause they wanted someone who understood technicalities to renew the contract and whatnot.
I actually got a call from the secretary at 8.30am while I was walking to work.
She requested that I shouldn’t go to the office and meet them up straight.
Well, I’d love to.
But, another director’s secretary had messaged me at 8am to tell me to help with her boss’ macbook for his meeting with some guests later in the morning.
I told her that I couldn’t possibly reach on time since she told me last minute and I was really lethargic from the week’s events and woke up a little late today.
But although I spoke to her on the phone to advise how to do the steps.. in the end, they decided to wait until I reach the office.
But half an hour after that was done, the other secretary picked me up to meet up with the others.

Ouuuhhh… I think I’m going to change to a Samsung next month.
Lots of sweet stuff in there.

All of us (my colleagues and me) think that one of the building cleaners is a serial killer.
So, if you read the news about a murder of anyone working in an NGO.. don’t be surprised. ಥ⌣ಥ
Apparently, one of of our colleagues saw her knocking and “chopping” a big knife in the pantry staring at the wall and there was nothing on the side sink.
My colleague ran off and later on  told another colleague to ask her in their language.
And we were told that the cleaner said she was chopping durians.
But there really was nothing there!
She was already causing problems with us about other things and acting weird with everyone even before this came up.
What I thought?
I don’t know.. I have a little sixth sense that something wasn’t right about her when I first knew her working in our building.
But, since I could be wrong.. I’ve been shuting myself up about it.
No use in talking crap anyway.



I’m super sleepy, plus, I’m having a bad sore throat right now.
But, I really want to play Neverwinter later.
A few more more hours to go!!!! ٩(✖╭╮✖)۶

By the way, didn’t the people notice that I’ve no more keys to give away since the 5th?
I even had it cancelled and place updated in BOLD.
Hummm… was I speaking in a language that people cannot understand?
I apologize if I’m sarcastic, but, I’m unable to understand the logic behind that!

Oooohhh.. maybe.. they didn’t even bother to read the content.
I get it!!!!
Well, that sounds really sad… for me. 。・゚゚・(>д<)・゚゚・。
You’re here just to get something from me and don’t even take the time to read even those short sentences.
Oh well…



I’d better stop being grumpy right now.
Maybe feeling sick is starting to get the better of me.


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