Picture time!!

Woo woo wa wa~

One of those days when I’m super bored and decides to take some pictures.
Which.. I don’t usually post.. >_<

All your base are belong to us… om nom nom nom~
Just to be a little annoying showoff brat right now… bwahahahaha~
The trophies/medals at the side is the product of mostly my long-distance running.. a few from short-distance sprinting.
It stretches on towards the mid of my room.
I’ve got a few more at my grandparent’s house.
Only because I used to stay with my grandparents until I reached 15.



That reminded me…
A couple of days ago, I was in the taxi about to go home.
It was making a turn and passed by a Community Centre where I used to often go to.
I saw my trainer and 5 students of hers.

I was in Silat (Martial Arts originated from Malaysia & Indonesia) for 2 years, during my mid teens, with my girl bestie.
She continued on afterwards and diverted to one of the top (different “clan/group.. whatever it was called” from where we were in together).
It was pretty fruitful only to a point where we did a lot of performances.
I was getting tired and saddened by the fact that I couldn’t join a single sparring competition because of my height/weight and age combo.
Been underweight since I was a little kid.

I did place my name into one and my trainer said I had time to gain weight.
I needed 5 kg to gain in a few months.
It was AWFUL!
I took supplements, weight gainer, did my fave long distance running when I’m not sparring training during classes.
Trained pretty hard with my bestie.. that I gave her bruises on her arms and she loved to say.. how am I supposed to wear sleeveless tops and show my arms?
Haha.. good times.
She was one of the pretty girls in school, tall, model-sized, in netball.. was in the military band with me and was the drum major.
But, I was only in the band for 2 years, which was after I quit Choir and Library of 2 years earlier (ouuuhh yes.. I’m that geeky nerd with the ponytail and skirt up to my knees and big glasses).
I guess I was pretty competitive.. in band and choir.. lots of competitions FTW!
She was the one who pulled me into the band… because of the super short smexy skirt that looked pretty much like a cheer-leader’s gear.
Haha.. awesome times.

Anyway… back to the main part..
Gained 1 kg in 2 months… I was so upset.
So upset to the point where I told the rest there’s no way I can gain another 4kg in such a short period of time.
I suddenly stopped the supplements and weight gainer and lost 2kg in 1 month.

After that, I said I might as well quit as there wasn’t any incentive in carrying on.
While my bestie was already winning competitions… all I could do was cheer on for her.



Beneath all of that.. no one knew that all these activities were looked down upon by my strict mum.
She didn’t like anything I did other than studying and would constantly hint to me to quit all of it.
Tough luck.. but that didn’t stop me from doing what I wanted to!!!

Don’t get me wrong on this though.
She’s not entirely bad and although we don’t agree on a lot of things…
I’d still give her props and respect for all that she has done for the family.. with her tough life she’s had earlier.

I think that one the attitudes that I’ve obtained from her…
Is to persevere, work hard and strive on.

But, yes… I do wish that she would be proud of everything I ever did.
Most good parents would not miss out on these.
I even thought that getting that useless piece of degree would make a lot of money and make her happy.
But, realized later on that I should be living my life instead.

But.. I still wish.




Wooookay… is this thing on right now???

I’ve not tried to use the web cam of my laptop, although he’s already 3 months old!
Uhmm… ok.. thats about it.
I’m going out…



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