Namie Amuro 20th Anniversary Asian Tour 2013

She’s finally coming to Singapore (not for makeup promo, etc) but for her concert!
(Took her years before wanting to come down here to sing.)
The cute, petit girl.. the Queen of Japan Hip Hop!
Already bought the tickets for the front seats.
Going to be held on 26 Apr 2013.



A little tribute I made for her were these drawings.
The first one was made in 2007 and the second in 2010.

Yes.. I suck at drawing hair +_+
‘Cause I don’t always draw people.. so I don’t bother to practice and would give up… my bad. >_<
Actually, ALL of my human faces drawings are unfinished pieces!

I’ve got a couple other art stuff in my deviant art account… but it’s been some time since I did anything.
No inspiration or mood to do any.



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